Imperial trooper, HAAT, good at gear 10?

Like in the title, the max I will be able to put my imp trooper is gear 10, apart from death trooper, veers and possibly snow trooper (not sure about him) but magma and storm would be at gear 10 so, is it still good?

Can some of you also post phase 4 results with imp trooper if you can, that would be great and appreciated!

And is veers zeta necessary or other zetas? omega?

Thanks for answering!


  • Waqui
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    I never played troopers in hAAT, so I can't guide you much there. However, I'm sure, that Veers' zeta is required. The protection regained from killing turrets and B2s will prove to be really help full.
  • crzydroid
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    Imperial troopers in HAAT doesn't mean just anyone with a troopers tag. You need zVeers, snow, and Deathtrooper.
  • Poxx
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    zVeers (L), Starck, Snow, Death, Storm r the 5 best. They regen health and prot so no need for Shore. Storm hits surprisingly hard on a crit and if not, he gives an expose to bump his damage. He will outdamage Magma all day long
  • Why playing snow and not range.
    He gives counterattacks and a 50% assist chance.
    Wouldnt that be better?
  • 1) Because this post pre-dates range trooper.
    2) Not that many 7* range troopers kicking about.
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