JTR Ready?

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Just wondering if those who have completed the event could give me a little insight. Is this enough to complete the event or do I need to improve rey and the vets more?




  • I haven't unlocked her yet, but you're looking good. I would save up the gear materials to bump Rey up a gear level or two, and if you find yourself in need, you can always put them on. If you don't need them, I'm sure another character will. Might as well save your ability materials in case you need to raise them a bit, and use them if you need.

    Just mod them up (use your Arena mods if you get stuck), and maybe look into raising the ability level of Chewie's stun for some damage. I've read (again, I haven't unlocked yet, but I'm ready) of others unlocking her with less.
  • The videos I have seen seem to indicate that you will annihilate this event. They call it "laughably easy" if you have the characters to 7*. From what I can tell, the hard part is getting the Vets to 7*.
  • Maybe gear up Rey and vet chewbacca, they are easy to get up and it will be easier for you too. I haven’t done it but I think your team does it, try to secure it though!
  • SebPovic
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    Make sure Chewie gets some decent speed Mods, his stun and speed down are said to make this easy.
  • Random9
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    Gear your rey and finn. You can probably do it but tier 5 will be awful without more gear. Your vets are fine
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