Who To Target and Obtain for F2P or small P2P Players up to Level 60

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Obviously, when I start a new account there are characters I shoot for. Most people will usually pull a chromium at the start so hopefully you get a solid character which can determine the kind of team you want to shape around.

Disregarding that as unknowable, there a few mainstays I shoot for when building a solid, all-around team and 'main squad.'

I always shoot now to unlock the following farmable characters first:
  1. Genosian Soldier
  2. Qui Gon Jinn
  3. Darth Sidious
  4. Luminara
  5. IG-88
  6. Count Dooku
  7. Old Daka

Explanation of Choices

Genosian Soldier
- You can quickly grind Cantina Battles and farm him to a 2-star or 3-star rank within 3-5 days of play with refreshes. Up to lvl 40, he's invaluable in squad arena and is included in many top ranked teams to this day even at the highest levels. He has immediate value which remains steady throughout the leveling process by generatnig a heavy attack and granting multi-bonus attacks.

QGJ - After the release of the stats website 'GG', I'm changing my opinion and the QGJ Priority ranking - he's hands-down the most powerful character in the game.

Darth Sidious - An obvious choice that every team has, he's arguably the most valuable player in the game - he has GOT to be a stable in the roatation due to his heal blocking ability, massive AOE damage and speed.

Luminara - You flat out, won't succeed early-on without Lumi in GW. She's the most versatile powerful healer in the game with an ability block and high damage. She is invaluable in most aspects.

IG-88 - Unlocking him early on and quickly starring and gearing him, paired with the above, allows you to quickly shut down Arena opponents as well as allow you to get a push in some GW battles, utilizing him in line with FOTP to knock down hard enemies. He's devestating paired in a droid team and critical hit team.

Count Dooku - If you buy the DS Starter pack, you probably have him. Like Sid, most common teams throughout lifespan of game carry Dooku for good reason. He can stun, he can ability block, he hits hard and he hits ALOT. He's also surprisingly hard to kill and incredible nuisance because he's the barest of an inch below most enemies you want to kill first and he unloads on you. Using him in Arena teams that grant aditional attacks is incredible.

Old Daka - In my opinion, she is the one you farm the most at th ebeginning until you have her unlocked and maxed out ASAP. Paired with Lumi, she will carry you through GW at the endgame due to her Stun, Revive and powerful Heals. She is vastly superior to JC. She is the #2 Heal option, potentially #1, it's debatable in a GW Squad. Also very useful in Arena.

Common characters I focus on starring and gearing from the start, whilst unlocking character goals(Player LVL 1-40):

    [*] Jedi Counselor
    [*] Royal Guard
    [*] Talia
    [*] Chewbacca

    Jedi Counselor - He is Lumi's little brother but still htis pretty hard at the beginning of the game and at end-game he's an invaluable 3rd line healer for GW. He's easy to max-gear and star and he should be a priority to progress in GW.

    Royal Guard - Given his new buffs, RG is invaluable through elvel 40 due to his ability to stun, taunt and receive a lot of damage. He can act as an incredible decoy to allow your pain party to devestate the enemy while they're preoccupied destroying him and his high HP. An excellent strategy choice.

    Talia - You want to level Talia to no more then level 40 or so and get her strong while you're chasing Daka and leveling JC. She is the only Dark Side healer worth much and in the beginning she has decent attack damage and dodge ability. Coupled with JC, she's part of the initial 'healing' team that's going to save you when times are troubled. Passed level 40 though, she's quickly outclassed and relegated to the backup role of 'last ditch.'

    Chewbacca - Many people like him and max him out quickly due to high strength and HP/Taunt. I disagree doing this though. He should be leveled much like Talia to level 40 or so and then dropped to the backburner. He's far too flow and easy to stun/block etc. He's a staple like RG in buying your early level attackers time to wipe out enemies but he has limited endgame potential.

    The following are Ideal, obtainable teams by levels 50-60.

    Arena Team
    1. (L) QGJ (4* or 5*)
    2. Count Dooku (4* or 5*)
    3. IG-88
    4. Darth Sidious
    5. GS

    Explanation: At levels 50-60, that's a competitive team. By that point there will be many high-ranked opponents in Arena with exclusive characters that can deactivate and blow that team out but if you're looking for simply a good baseline to shoot for, that team is pretty potent.

    Galactic War Team
    1. QGJ
    2. Luminara
    3. Old Daka
    4. Darth Sidious
    5. Genosian Soldier

    Explanation: With appropriate backups and 'fodder', up to level 50-60, that team should make GW a breeze due to it's ability to recover and proceed.
    Beyond that

    Passed Level 60, there are going to be Exclusive Characters in an enormous abundance making the selection of characters variable. I would suggest taking a look at the Arena Leaderborn Top 10 at that point and seeing the kind of teams they use and begin molding an effective counter team to them and continue to make a push. It will be up to you who you continue to work and obtain depending on the competition and your own customstrategy.

    Hopefully this helps new players looking for a direction and opens up a discussion from other veterans as to what they think of this and how it may be better-improved with other suggestions

    EDITED NOTES: Replaced description of QGJ and ranking of teams due to recent stats website, 'GG', reflecting his synergies with other characters and endgame potential He's handsdown the most valuable her0 to have.

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      Agree with most everything you have down there with the possible exceptions:

      1.) IG-88. Even at 7* he is super squishy and is my first target in any stack. Powerful AOE but he is down before he ever gets it off. He is the true glass cannon.

      2.) Also you have no mention of POE. IMHO he is still a valued member of a squad, and must be accounted for. Especially around level 60 as his speed will be up to 142 but GS can't surpass him until lvl 70. So QGJ is a must to Attack/Assist on him before he taunts. Also, I was surprised how effective he can be for one node in GW to give your healers a chance to reset cool downs and save your suicide bench for later. Han could be put in that category as well. Nice to have 1 character to sacrifice on a tough GW node instead of 5.

      3.) The Dark side pack offered to new players gives you a shot at Dooku, but if you whiff you will get Savage or General "good for absolutely nothing" Veers. (Guess who my alt got.)

      4.) Additionally, JC is a better healer than Daka and his heal has a chance to lower cool down which means he can heal almost every 2 turns at the higher levels. Very Handy in GW. Daka's stun and revive are great as you mentioned, but just on healing JC is much, much better.

      Other than that you are spot on. You could throw Poggle on the wish list too as his buff is pretty **** impressive along with a std ability block which comes in very handy when he pulls it out. All in all, nice pass and well written.
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