Full Trooper Team enough for R2-D2?

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When I read lots of Discussions about R2-D2 I saw a lot of Vader or EP Team, but almost no one had a full Trooper Squad sepecially with Stormtrooper and Magmatrooper, as I dont have Death or Shoretrooper yet, so like always-> Is this team strong enough for R2-D2?
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  • BamWrath
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    You should do great with that squad.
  • Thanks for your fast answer, this means I will probably welcome CLS to my Squad! :smile:
  • Apparently you should destroy the event p, your characters look very good congrats!!! (I am tying to do the same) you should be fine, it should be easy people did it with an EP gear 10, Vader gear 10 and the rest gear 8 so you’ll be fine :)
  • You can probably auto the event lol
  • Please let us know how it went and how many tries it took, was it easy? Was it hard? Etc. As many details as possible cause this is a question I really would love to hear the answer too and I am sure I am not alone. Full trooper squad has so many uses and the original troopers (your squad) is very accessible compared to some other empire characters recommended so I think you would be doing the community a big service.

    Also, if you record any photage I would be happy to make a video for you explaining your experience and thoughts etc.

  • So thank you for your answers, I will say how it was afterwards, I will probably get Veers and maybe Starck Gear 11, But my main priority is Gear for CLS now. As you say with recording I play on apple so I dont know how I could record but if you know something just say how and I´ll do so. Otherwise I may do some screenshots with hp left or sth.

  • You can put zeta on veers to make it very easy
  • YaeVizsla
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    That lineup is about what I had, though I had Veers zeta. Even without it, you should do fine. Though IIRC, the 7* fight enemies are immune to turn meter drain, making Stormtrooper and Magmatrooper significantly less useful.
    Still not a he.
  • So I just did R2-D2 with exactly this team, http://swgoh.gg/u/swiesel/squads/94729/
    I autoplayed it and Stormtrooper and Magmatrooper both died but the Rest was almost full protection, only the burn from R2 damaged them. So it was quite easy to get him and 5 minutes later I also got CLS :smiley:
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