Received Light Side collection achievement, did not receive Light Side character.

This happened yesterday, and I gave it a day to see if it worked itself out.

I -think- I opened a character from a bronzium yesterday. Specifically, my 11th light side character. I had a half dozen or so bronzium cards and was just blowing through opening them, so I bypassed it pretty quick. In fact, I didn't really catch anything until I saw I had unlocked the achievement for getting 11 LS toons. My character list only shows 10.

Imgur album is my achievement screen showing my supposed counts, then my dark side characters (which matches) and then my light side (one short).


  • That's a weird glitch.

    Have you seen this @EA_Jesse?
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  • Hmmm, could be that you pulled a character that you already had and it turned into shards. This is my guess but I'll double check with the team. Thanks for posting this!
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  • Might be! Can pulling a full toon out of a bronzium if you already have it rank up the toon? I'm looking at Ewok Elder and Clone Sergeant in particular. I never use either and really can't recall their status as of a few days ago. So if one of those starts at 1 star the fact that they are at 2 now might be the culprit. I never farmed either of them, but I can't remember how many starting stars they have.

    Hoping this helps, good luck solving and thanks for checking it out!
  • Happened to me too.
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