daily ship challenge needs to be corrected

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I play with 2 accounts.
1 is lvl85 and a bit established..6* cap ships except chimaera and all that jazz.
My 2nd account just hit lvl79 today.
Got the 5* executrix after so many turns..it wasnt funny.
I have g.8 to g.10 pilots. All 7* or nearly 7*
Please tell me whether i need them at g.10 or above and zeta'd with god mods to complete t.3 of ability mats challenge?
Because this is absolutely pathetic.
It is so **** tough that it took me multiple tries to finish it barely and get that 1*
Btw..i take 1st in fleets and top 50 or 60 in arena.
So yes..i do have good toons.
I thought u guys heard our prayers and corrected the challenge difficulty. Now it seems it is not true.
U corrected (not nerfed) t.1 of the challenge alone.
I guess it is because u were losing player base and some new whales and dolphins.
Please bring a resolution to this issue.
PS. i also say corrected..not nerf because what u did was wrong..u need to correct ur mistake..nerf means we were incorrect and whined too much (which is not the case here)
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