Galactic War broken?

I've been playing this game for a few weeks and I just hit level 54. Just played a galactic war where the last node was all lvl 65, 4 to 5 stars, purple geared team consisting of vader, sidious, dooku, KRU, and SION. I'M LEVEL 54! my a team only has 3 gear 7s. I also apply strategies like suicide squads and know about retreat mechanics. I haven't been unable tk complete a galactic war for the past few weeks until today. I just feel like this might be a bug or needs fixing because after throwing literally every character in my roster I still cannot win. It is very frustating not earning my 400 tokens and rewards because of a ridiculous team


  • Not broke, welcome to the real Gw , as you level up, Gw scales percent based to your top five old power level chars.

    You are not supposed to beat it everyday, it forces you to develop a broader roster, or highly synergistic squads to beat it.
  • ^what he said.

    There are certain squads which perform well in GW and if you don't develop them then you'll find it difficult. What are you currently using?
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  • Not broke, welcome to the real Gw , as you level up, Gw scales percent based to your top five old power level chars.

    You are not supposed to beat it everyday, it forces you to develop a broader roster, or highly synergistic squads to beat it.

    Thank you Ghost, if I'm not supposed to be able to beat it everyday I guess that is fine. Currently I am using two squads. The first I use to clear everything up to about the last 1-3 nodes then I swap in my second squad. First squad I use Dooku lead, Boba fett, tarkin, Talia and jedi consular. Double heal to sustain the squad throughout. At the last few nodes, usually depending on who is low, I will swap in Vader and Luminara. Sometimes I swap them in earlier if I encounter an especially difficult node that I can't seem to beat with the first squad. I have phoenix squadron as a suicide squad because they aren't as geared though I haven't had to use suicide squads. I usually just retreate and replay the battle until I am satisfied with the outcome.

  • Phoenix is a very good early game solution to GW. I started an account in late September of last year that started off using Phoenix in arena because they perform decently for the first few months and give you a two-for-one with the Thrawn and Palpatine events. Phoenix has the advantage of being really excellent GW performers because of their high survivability and protection and health regen. Since I kept them reasonably geared relative to the rest of my roster, they were able to support my GW efforts until I could sim them (actually, I only ran into one I couldn't complete in those five months - so well worth it).
  • I'm level 74 and have NEVER beaten galactic war. Main reason is because I have powered up 2 characters way higher than anyone else and upset the balance of my roster not knowing it's based on your top 5. Now I've spent weeks developing other teams and all I can say is I'm getting there. It has been frustrating and there should of been some info on this in game.
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    In the mid 70's or so it gets worse. Just wait for that last tier and your 75 and the enemy is all 85 and fully omega'd or worse :) My first attack gave me chopper. I never got a second. Team was totally wiped out after i got a single turn off 1 character :)

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    He does not need to wait until 85 to see this. He is seeing it now already.
    I am about month old player at level 63 and I am lucky to get to middle of GW field. Yesterday I was lucky to get level 65 Phoenix team at second node.
    And just wait until you meet some jacked up character that will destroy your multiple teams.

    Few days ago I lost 8 teams to Nihilus (or whatever his name is) without ever getting his protection down.
    After all was done I checked him out and he has 18k HP and 17k protection and 12k power index.
    My best team has about 27k combined among 5 characters so I am not sure how are they scaling this event as he had company which included purpled out Vader.

    Enfys is another one that can solo all of your characters.
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    Yep, that's GW for you.

    You'll have several days of easy mode runs. Then one day, POW!! You end up with a zeta'd level 85 Empire team.

    I'm level 78 now and I'm hitting a lot of gear 10+ well developed teams, usually around node 9-10 in my case. Node 12 is usually fairly easy if I make it past that. Usually 85 teams too.

    Had real trouble with a nihilus led sith team last night for example. Took two not very good teams to blow all their cooldowns before Phoenix could dent it, in fact it still took a few more goes to get a favourable RNG. Phoenix is a solid team as they self heal so you can keep them going all the way through.

    Apparently it used to be much harder to get through.

    So yeah, make sure you have a solid team for pinch hitting around or at least some sacrificial lambs. it gets worse before it gets better. Make sure your top 5 is all one team around the same level and gear, makes a difference.

    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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    I'm level 78 and I'm at about 65 completions. Definitely not impossible. Just spread your strength amongst many teams
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    Once you get a bit higher level, you tend to always smash PW. I originally got Darth Nil to lead my sith team through the first sections with no damage....his leadership can keep a team of sith healthy against nearly all teams you see, with maybe a back up team of rebels (wedge lead) in case the sith get wiped out. Now I nearly always sim the whole thing unless I want to try new teams out.
  • You need to preload turn meter on the early easy nodes. If you are dead before your first turn, then either your toons or your mods are too weak.
  • War is broken because they insist on having their cake and eating it too. Oh protection and health don’t regenerate because it’s considered one instance? Why don’t bounty hunter payouts carry over then? They basically neuter some great teams with the **** setup of war. Either consider each node it’s own discreet battle or they’re considered a continuation but not both, that’s just dumb.
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