Gear Grind

I understand that you want this to be a gring on certain aspects of gear, and you got to make some money on gear as well but could you please throw us a bone and make it so we can trade up for gear? I have almost 20,000 sim tickets as well, make them tradable for gear would be great as well. It could be a 10 to 20 to 1 ratio and that would be great. Just saying...


  • Kyno
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    With the change to giving them out 150 a day from fleet, I dont see them doing anything that would turn sim tickets into any value. They did that more to just alleviate the sim issue all together.

    Upcycling gear from gear, maybe, but even that is a stretch. It's all a grind and resource management.
  • True, and the upcycling would only be for so long and it would still come to resource management.
  • Calastar
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    I like the idea of upcycling and downcycling gear. Spend 5 gear pieces and some credits and bam. You have a new piece. Or use 1 gear piece and some credits and bam again. 5 new lower level gear pieces.

    Limit it per day though.
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