RJT ready or no?

If I get both the Veterans to 7 stars, would I be okay for the event based on my current squad or no? I know I only have BB8 at 5 stars but I think I’ll get him to 7 because I have Kylo at Gear 11 and have his Zeta on his outrage as well. I also have one gear piece that’s can gear up Finn to 10 or one of the Veterans to gear 9, I was leaning towards Finn but I’m unsure


  • Vets don't need to be gear 9, you can do it at gear 8 and gear up if you need to but you should be fine. You need more speed on Rey and make Finn tanky (g10) as possible and after a couple of tries you should get her.
  • Sure but key is rey & finn not the other 3
    Especially vet han can just..stay at gear1 in my honest opinion
  • swgregoriou
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    I found the hardest tier was tier 5 and I used the following:

    Finn - G8 - 185 speed - Abilities mostly max apart from his zeta
    Rey - G11 - 225 speed Abilities maxed, no zeta
    Vet Chewy - G9 - 165 speed - Maxed abilities, again minus the zeta
    Vet Han - G8 - 216 - Abilities maxed, no zeta
    BB-8 I did at G8 with his roll with the punches Zeta, no mods and speed 144
  • I just did it with everyone at g8. Finn 239 Speed + Potency, vet chewie 210 Speed + Health, rey 236 CC + CD. No omegas on vet chewie or rey, zeta on Finn. Took 2 tries at tier 5 I think.
  • BB8 is G10 I guess, but he was used very early on...
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