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My guild can clear the Normal Tank in about 36 hours or thereabouts but the last time we tried Heroic we ran out of time in Phase 2.

We have about 20,000,000 GP but a lot of that is concentrated on a few players. Maybe we have half a dozen players with 1,000.000+ and the rest of the guild's GP is spread over the rest of the guild.

So what I'm trying to figure out is a way I can quickly muster my guild into getting the right teams together that we can start looking at taking down the Heroic Tank.
I've seen all sorts of "Solo Tactics" advice and info for how individual players can do well but I want to know how to get my entire guild to be able to do better without asking them to invest lots of time farming the elite characters. What are we missing about the Heroic Tank?



  • Without knowing what all you got,

    Either farm phase specific squads, zFinn res for p2 for example, chirpatine or tiepatine p3 , or have your top guys field a couple squads to chew it all up, or try find someone that is willing to help you clear it and will take it down once y’all take a few kicks at it.

    Regardless, either you need a couple specific top level squads, or you need the crew to all build phase specific squads,
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    1 guy can solo phase 1 for you with CLS and Zolo — with zero or more of Datcha lead, Rex and QGJ thrown in the mix if you need to strengthen the team.

    Another team can solo all of phases 4, 3 and a bit of phase 2:

    Ackbar lead, CLS, Thrawn, BB8 and Assaj (unique zetaed).

    Those two teams are not that hard to come by, so one of your stronger players may already have those characters developed. Otherwise some of your stronger players could work towards those two teams. This will probably be your safest bet to do those 3 phases.

    This leaves only phase 2 to struggle with for the rest of you. Many different teams work here:

    Resistance with zeta on Finn.
    Zader lead empire with Boba Fett in the mix (and possibly tusken shaman as well, but he's rare).
    Clones (maybe with Leia).
    Rebels with Wedge lead (Wiggs, Lando, Leia/zolo +1).
    Droids (the old school team of choice for that phase back in '16).
    Even Phoenix and jedi can do a several percent dmg.

    On a side note:
    As lon as you are still struggling to complete the raid you should all use your best mods when attacking. Mods have a significant impact on your result.

    Good luck.
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    If the teams/characters mentioned above are not available to anyone in your guild you will probably have a hard time completing the heroic tier with you 20 mill. GP guild. However, all it takes is just 1 player with one of each of the two teams to solo phases 1, 3 and 4. He will then easily carry you through while you all develop your rosters still.
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    Well our guild has now adopted a "once a month and improve before next time" approach. i.e. every month we're going to summon the Heroic Tank, see how well we can do, and resolve to improve our individual anti-Tank toons some before next month, etc.

    So to that end, I built a Phase 1 team of Commander Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Qui-Gon, Ugnaught and Datcha as the leader. It worked reasonably well but the last three characters were too squishy and even Han didn't last as long as I'd hoped. So the way I'm going to improve my squad for next month is to get them all to a higher Gear Level (except CLS who's already 12).

    But now we're on phase 2 ... er ...
    I have a First Order team - Phasma, both Kylos, Executioner and Officer - all g12, all fully modded. They did just 5% damage. No where near good enough. I'm wondering if I even bother with my Phoenix team if that's all First Order can do. I was hoping to keep my Resistance team for phase 4 as it can solo it on Normal mode but at this rate we're not going to get to phase 4 so I'm tempted to use it now and see what happens ...
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    Stenun wrote: »
    Well our guild has now adopted a "once a month and improve before next time" approach. i.e. every month we're going to summon the Heroic Tank, see how well we can do, and resolve to improve our individual anti-Tank toons some before next month, etc.

    That's a very good approach :—)
    Stenun wrote: »
    So to that end, I built a Phase 1 team of Commander Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Qui-Gon, Ugnaught and Datcha as the leader. It worked reasonably well but the last three characters were too squishy and even Han didn't last as long as I'd hoped. So the way I'm going to improve my squad for next month is to get them all to a higher Gear Level (except CLS who's already 12).

    May I suggest, that you renove Ugnaught from the team? He's a liability. The strategy should be to put buff immunity on Grievous early on and keep it on at all times. Kill the adds, and then only use attacks that remove turnmeter on the boss. Using QGJ's assist calling attack and Datcha's attacks is fine, as long as all the others can remove TM with their basic (both the basic itself and through Datcha's lead).

    5% in phase 2 is not bad. Not bad at all. If all members of your guild do the same, you will easily get through. G9—g10 Phoenix without zetas can also do a couple % dmg.

    If you stall in phase 2, you will have to use your resistance team. Resistance works well in phase 2 as well. If only you can get to the final 15% of the phase you can have a guild member throw in his AA, CLS, BB8, Thrawn and zAssaj team and solo the rest.
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    Dont bother with a team for phase 1. Just use cls and pull the retreat trick. Anything else is complicating things. No one in your guild should use a character in phase 1.

    Phase 2 run resistance or something else. You pulled 5% with first order so thats fine. You did your bit. Run phoenix if you have it for another 1-2% or whatever.

    Phase 3 palpatine combination with tfp works well for 15% plus. You can also run cls raid han in a good team.

    Phase 4 let your resistance go.

    Link your swgoh.gg account and soemone can give better advice.
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    Hey, 5% is great for a single person in a 20M guild. Just 20 people with 5% p2 teams can do it. Like someone said though, you may also want to run your Resistance in p2 to help out. Try to make it a group effort at this point rather than expecting people to solo phases other than 1. P4 is easier to take down than p2 because there's less health and the tank only gets one turn after topple instead of two. So high survivability teams can work well there, and more people can contribute.

    I think you are likely to have BB-8 since you have that FO team, but not sure who else does. 7* Ackbar and Ventress may be as much as two months away for you if you haven't started yet, but that may still be a good idea.

    What would be really helpful is if you could post not only your own swgoh.gg account, but also mandate that everyone in your guild get one. Then people can look at your guild page on swgoh.gg and tell you how to best coordinate your people.
  • Bb8 is probably the best character for haat so you should have as many that can start working at getting him. Cls is another mvp character that is needed. I would also suggest ackbar, ventress, and thrawn for most. You can go for individual phase teams but that's much more farming for less results. A handful of players with cls can clear p1 without losing a single character. One person can do it in a coulpe runs in aboit an hour but you need backup in case one or two can't escape and you don't retreat in time. Then you can start using an ackbar, cls, bb8, asajj, thrawn team in p2. They won't solo the phase but can get 30% easily probably more. So 3 or 4 of those teams for p2. Technically only one more is needed for p3 and p4 since that squad can solo it in one run. But have a few just in case. So ten ackbar lead solo teams and you've got it easily. That's probably the most efficient way. You can also have everyone throw other teams at p2 if you're short but that team is the only one I would have others focus farm. Save the rest of your raid focus farming for the sith raid. No point in farming multiple teams that have no use elsewhere in the game especially since most of the characters for this team are good elsewhere and fairly easy farms. Bb8 is probably the hardest to get but he is also the best since his secret intel keeps your team buffed almost constantly and having buffs keeps you alive in haat. And asajj is needed for big damage. There are other options but asajj is by far the easiest to get. Cls is a must for p3. His tm removal gets you the big damage since you can almost indefinitely put off enrage. Thrawn regenerates your protection to keep you alive longer to do more damage. Ackbar is just for his leadership so doesn't reallt even need to be high gear. You can still do big damage if he dies early. You can probably replace one of these five and still do decent damage assuming the replacement at least somewhat fulfilled the job of the original. But the complete team should be your goal.
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    zylo can soloing p1 w/ trying a lot. zCLS zHan Jyn could make over 3m dmg. Make sure CLS must escape! The problem is P2.. zFinn Team will be great. zKRU Team too. If your guild make AAT p2 health under 20%, then your guild will get GK Shards!!
    After p2 under 20%, Ackbar Lead Team could finish Haat raid: Ackbar BB-8 CLS Thrawn Asajj.
    CLS’s Bind and Asajj’s Rampage is strongly recommanded to be zetad. Also, speed of BB-8 ought to be over 250.
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    Thanks very much for all the comments and advice so far, I've read it all and appreciate it!

    This month's Heroic Tank Update:

    Well my phase 1 crashed and burned badly. It's the same as above (Datcha Leader, Han Solo, CLS, Qui-Gon and Ugnaught) with better gear levels than last month. However I don't know what happened as I got ripped apart. I only managed 300,000 damage before everyone was dead - including CLS.
    Fortunately, the rest of the Guild got us through phase 1 without my having to use any other squads.

    So this time, for phase 2, I decided to use my Resistance team for two reasons; firstly, to see how well they can do, but mostly for the second reason of there's no point hanging on to them for phase 4 if we never get there.
    Rey (JT) as Leader, Rey (S), Finn, Poe, BB-8. All gear 12.
    They managed 25% damage.

    Another player managed roughly the same as me, I haven't heard back from him yet as to what his squad was.

    If we get to phase 3, which is a distinct possibility at this stage, it will be the first time we have done so on Heroic.

    I've seen the Asajj Ventress discussions and talks of how good she is for phase 2. So my plan for next month is to get her to a usable level with a decent squad behind her, and to fund a decent substitute for the Ugnaught! Maybe an anti-Droid Jawa ... ?

    Anyway, just thought I might as well post monthly updates to this thread! Sorry if I bored anyone!

    And thanks once again for all the feedback so far, it's appreciated!
  • crzydroid
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    Ventress is usually used in p3. She needs her unique zeta.

    You should get trooper for your Resistance team.

    Don't farm Jawas for any reason. You won't even need them for mods anymore pretty soon.

    Drop Ugnaught hard. He doesn't have tmr. Really, just CLS and Han can solo it if you have good enough mods. Some people do the Datcha lead; I like CLS better. Either should work. I see where someone might say Qui-Gon, but he only has a percent chance at tmr--although with Dathcha it's a little better. I've found that with CLS lead, Logray works as a good third. In addition to tmr on Grievous, he can also daze the adds, so you can largely ignore them until Logray's turn comes up with just basic available. If you want to experiment with throwing Teebo in, you can. I'm sure this goes without saying, but Han needs a zeta.

    But really just make sure Han and CLS are fast enough.
  • For p1 just gear up cls. Send him in by himself, attack, escape, repeat. You can do around 700k at a time or so playing it somewhat safe. I usually start the retreat around 8 or so before enrage just in case it fails and it will. If you get close to enrage and he hasn't escaped then forfeit and try again. You can solo p1 that way without losing a character. Two or three people doing this can clear the phase pretty quickly. Then use enough teams to get p2 down to 20% or so and then asajj, cls, bb8, and thrawn under an ackbar lead can solo the rest. Resistance does well in p2 as you said just make sure to have bb8 escape to use him later. Our guild has a one team per person to make it last longer so i usually wait for p3 to solo 2 phases for my run.
  • Waqui
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    Don't find a substitute for Ugnaught. For phase 1 simply remove him completely. Only use characters with turnmeter reduction on their basic attacks. Rex works well, if you have him. Later on, when you have good gear, you can remove QGJ as well.
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