Yet another CLS question

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In general terms, is roughly +55 speed on each toon on the team considered decent mods? They will all be 7*, all level 7 skills, probably level 83ish and g9. I am not near done gearing and do not have R2 yet, so no point in showing the toons.


  • JediRobb
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    I watched a video on YouTube of someone beating Luke's Hero's Journey, and I have matched the squad he had except all of mine are gear 9 (his were gear 8). Here's what I have. I can move my arena mods to beat the event if necessary and give my guys about +80 speed each, but I'm going to try it without doing that first. And, yes, I know R2 is at 5 stars, but my Empire team is more than ready to promote him to 7 once that event begins.
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