Bb8 near impossible for 7stars



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    I did it with a G10 Kylo with no zeta, KRU maxed, First order Tie Pilot, and First Order officer.

    but now you can use First order executioner who is a beast.

    Replace tie pilot with executioner and take out BB8 and then followed by Rey, Finn, Chewie, then Han.

    Also it helped I put arena mods on my FO team.
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    I'm not sure the right thing to do here is to troll the OP. I think gentle compassion combined with the way these kinds of games work would be more effective in the long run.

    These games are all about the long run. If you try to panic farm and acquire everything, you're right. You will be spending a lot of money for things. There is a better way to do it. These events are cyclic, and you know what the requirements will be. If you spend the time to get the gear, the mods, and the shards, everything is attainable. Sure, that means you won't be gearing up or getting the shards for everyone. If you plan carefully, and farm the nodes you know you need to farm, and if you track everything, you will get what you want, when you want, and you will be able to get all of the legendary toons. It took me 3 months of hard farming to get First Order and the Vets. It ****. Now it is over and I can save crystals while I go after my other goals. I'm currently working on Nightsisters and Ewoks.

    If you go for instant gratification, your life will be sad and all your money will go to CG. If you go for the long haul your life will be mildly frustrated, but you will also be entertained and happy.

    I disagree. If the OP actually wants help, they should post that in their post. Their post didn't ask for help. It just said the event was to hard and only for whales. That us categorically false. Farming 5 fo toons and gearing them to g8 or so is actually not hard at all. Just takes time. Some of the fo characters are easy farms (ex. Kru). They don't even have two worthless req like the vets. The actual gameplay is not all that difficult either. It seems there are some that like to post that x aspect of the game needs nerfed because they cannot beat it. Instead of being humble and assuming that they may just need to learn something, they just want to be whinners thinking they are entitled to win without putting in the effort. That kind of behavior should not be encouraged and deserves ridicule.
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    g8 kru (L), g9 kylo, everyone else g8, normal mods, and passed the event quite easily: you just need a good leader and to prioritize who to take out first.
    For the records, I had all omega'd, but no zeta's
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