Old Character updates

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With the release of the new Solo faction, it is clear that the toons are being created with increasingly complex abilities i.e Solo faction "prepared" attribute. This trend towards improving the complexity of the game seems to be leaving some of the older toons in the dust. I think the creators should update some of the older toons to make them more versatile.
-Anikan: Has only 2 abilities despite being one of the most central characters, and has no ship! One of the best pilots in the galaxy has no ship? Even Asokha has one!?
-There are many sith boosts that give them advantage over jedi. Yet the jedi have very few abilities that allow them to be powerful as a team compared to ( sith, empire, first order, Phoenix etc..) The only noticable special attributes the jedi have are advantages over droids...and almost nobody uses droids.
-Again Ventress should benefit from sith unique abilities.
-Savage Opress and Maul were beasts, but are given a very generic attack set. Personally he should have a saber bow throw attack. It annoys me that the jedi temple guard and jedi apprentice have better looking attacks and stances than Savage and Maul.
There are a few more, but in general I would like to see some of the older toons (especially ones that are significant characters) be updated so they can be more evenly matched against the newer more cooperative factions.
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