How Can I Ensure I Unlock R2D2 (Tier 5)

I've been farming to get R2D2 for two weeks now ever since I learned the event was coming at the end of this month. I now have 6 5 star empire characters and they are all at least at gear level 6. I just don't know how much I need to power them up.

Out of Royal Guard, TIE Fighter Pilot, Stormtrooper and Magma who do I leave out of my squad?

Is Vader lead or Tarkin lead better for my early unlock empire squad?

Do I need to buy any more mods and if so which ones? (I will move mods from Nihilus, Sidious and Unmasked for the event fights)

Now for character upgrading

I have Vader as my strongest character, kind of hoping he will carry my other ones through the fight, he's at Gear 8 5/6 pieces right now and 7.2k power

My Tarkin is at 4707 power right now, I just need a Mk 3 SienarHP to get him to Gear 7, will he be able to survive at Gear 7? Or should I try to get him to Gear 8 as well? Also if I go with Tarkin Lead, I'm assuming I'd need to get it to Level 6 so it gives 26 speed?

For Royal Guard, 3756 power atm, I'm planning on leveling all his abilities to 5 so that the basic has 80% stun chance and to reduce the cooldown of team defence up. I want to make him super tanky but I need Mk 3 SienarHP, Mk4 Soropad and Mk6 Bio Implant just to get him to gear 7, and I can't farm Mk6 Bio Implant yet, So I guess I'll be advancing to Dark Side 5 - L tomorrow.

I don't really like TIE Pilot tbh but he has buff immunity which I'm hoping will mess up R2's smoke screen, Will he be able to dish out enough damage at Gear 7? (3760 power right now) and what potency percentage should I get him to (or mod him to?)

For Stormtrooper (4k power atm) I am planning on getting him the two Mk 4 Soropads he needs for G7 because He'll be the first to taunt and I also want to make him really tanky. How much total health and protection does he need to survive?

I'm not sure about using magmatrooper either but he removes turn meter and gives stormtrooper tenacity and because it's so easy for me to get galactic war gems, I brought him to 5 stars and 3.9k power. Haven't really thought about him too much though.

My plans for the Tier 4 and 5 fights at this stage are (I expect 1, 2 and 3 to be simple)
Move the receiver on Nihilus and the Multiplexer on Sidious to Vader. +44 Speed Right There. If I use Tarkin Lead, +21 or 26 more. Because I have Vader's unique at Level 6, with 4 empire allys, that should be +28 speed. More with rebel enemies. With that much speed, I'm hoping to be using culling blade left and right, I don't know if that will actually be the case or whether he will just get ability blocked by some enemy.

Thanks for helping in advance.


  • Calastar
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    I don't know much because my Empire chars were overpowered when I did the event, the just weren't starred up. I think you should be good by moving mods and upping gear levels. Good luck!
    I make character kits! Ask me and I will try my best to make one for fun.
  • Naraic
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    Can i just say that while I dont have a clue how tier 5 od the r2d2 event will go any investment in vader tfp or tarkin will pay itself back in spades in more than just this event.

    Vader is current arena and fleet meta, tfp is current fleet meta and a very good character for a rancour team that doesnt have have cls and tarkin is also good for a rancour team and improving him will improve your capital ship.
  • Mrtops
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    I would not worry about it too much, the events are not that difficult and R2 is not going to be super useful at you stage in the game.
  • I see the event on the holotable now with 4d+ to go so here's an update.
    +200 Total Power for Vader (Didn't change much)

    +700 Galactic Power for Tarkin, hes now Gear 7 with 4 pieces. 7.3k health and 5.5k prot
    Not Level 6 Leader Yet but I will make it if I need it. I'd need a Mk5 CHSyringe for Gear 8 and don't know if I can make it to Light Side 6-F

    +600 Galactic Power for Tie Fighter Pilot. Gear 7 with 2 pieces. Also can't really go to Gear 8.

    +450 power for Royal Guard. Just starting on the Mk3 SienarHP to get him to Gear 7, and I'm half done the Mk6 Bio Imp from shipments. Got the ability upgrades and over 10k health.

    Only One Keypad for Stormtrooper. They are annoying to get.

    Gonna stop on Magmatrooper, he's too weak.

  • In my case I only have enough juice for 5*. Vader is at 7*, Tarkin at 6 and I have a 6* Storm/Magma trooper. Those two are under geared.

    TFP might hit 6 * before then. Maybe Tarkin if I blow some fleet tokens.

    However Palp is stuck at 5* and obviously will be until after R2.

    The real issue is levels, seeing as it costs more credits than the entirety of third world debt to level up or even level some mods.....I only think 5* is reasonable.

    TFP, vader and Tarkin are the only ones who who are gear 8. Palp is 9 but star starved. All are reasonably abilitied up. Palp would make all the difference though at T6 with that monster leadership.

    TBH there wouldn't be much I could do with R2 at the minute anyway, costs too many resources right now.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it OP, I'm a little more ready than you but I'll not lose sleep if I can't get a 6*.

    I got Palp with a barely ready Phoenix team at 5* only as it popped up when I was about 50 or so. Was a bit challenging but it got done. R2 is also an older legendary as well so mods could make a difference for you as well. I only had low pip mods on as well.

    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • With the vader rework it shouldn't be to bad. Though i did it long before tgat so can't say for sure. Though don't underestimate tfp. He can hit pretty hard for a non legendary character.
  • Oh yeah TFP is a monster if you can plant a good few debuffs on the other team. Which is what Empire do best.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • NuppeKush
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    I am not sure, but I would recommend to get everyone to at least G7 since that gives a bigger boost to your characters than G5-G6 etc. It won't be too big of a boost, but that extra protection will help you a little.
  • I'm not going for 6* just 5* and am all Gear 7 now

    Tarkin 6130 Power. Level 6 Leader and Basic. 8.1k health and 5.6k protection now. Should be enough?

    Tie Fighter 4662 Power.

    Royal Guard 4729 Power. Gear 7 with 3 pieces. 13k health and 8.5k protection, my main focus is make him tankier.

    Stormtrooper 4630 Power but no mods yet so pretty squishy still, I'll change that before the event.

    No changes for Vader.

  • Vendi1983
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    They're at a higher power than when I unlocked a 5* R2 last event. Basically the same toons as well. Except I happened to grab a snow trooper from bronze to upgrade him to 5* during the event. He was severely under leveled and geared. Basically just a place holder. You should be fine.
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