Nute Gunray or Eeth Koth

These are the only two characters I don't have from arena shipments. Are either of these to any good or should I invest in leveling other characters?


  • I left Nute and HK47 for last. They're both close, but gotta finish Han cuz Han.
    I'll get around to them eventually, but I expect new characters everywhere this week.
  • Thanks! I'll hold off spending arena tokens until I see what's getting released.
  • Eethkoth has nice power. At four stars, level 50, gear level 5 mine is 2950 power. That is my largest for any 1 character. His leader ability buffs up to +35 defense for jedi allies. I'm going all Jedi soon enough. He might stay leader
  • Might try for Eeth then. I forgot about TFA being released and a new update to this game at the same time.
  • I have eeth at gear lvl 5 lvl 47 and I think he is junk, only 3 stars atm. Really hope he turns out better used a lot of upgrades for his special, unique and force push just for those who bought assassin droids and Jedi def bonus.
  • I held off on Eeth and Nute because I didn't see them in wide use. I'm starting to see complaints from people who are trying all Jedi teams.
  • I have Nute Gunray, easily the worst character in the game.
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