Clones Helmets, Rework, etc...

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I know, it is an already discussed topic. But, I think we have to point out that Clones were supposed to get helmets a some points. We had this discussion one year ago (or maybe more, cannot remember). Devs told us it was going to happen but I have to say, time in this game is a very random data, such as RNG.

So, as Battelfront II is focusing on Clones Era, I was expecting GOH to do the same. Jedi reworks, Separatists rework and Clones rework with a Jango Fett going out of the Shadow, Cad Bane and Zam Wesell as well, Grevious and Mace, Yoda, Sidious, etc... Even Doku would benefit from a change in his leader or even having a 3rd ability. What about GK and 2 zetas or even JKA ?

All of that would be something very appreciated by your community, especially if these characters were followed by their ships. I mean, Ashoka got a ship but GK and JKA doesn't ? Were's Grevious Capital ship ?

And please, when you focus on Clones, don't forget to make them better and getting their damage output higher so that they can be competitive somewhere else than TW (yeah, ATT is out as they were soloing just a small part of it when truly maxed out with Leia but now that AA, BB8, Wampa, Hyoda and CLS are in, I don't see a use for clones anymore...).

Thanks :)


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