Server Update 6/18/2018

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This fix is now live, below are some answers to initial questions

This afternoon we will be performing a small server update to reinstate a “cap” on the maximum number of raids players can perform per week. We instituted this cap following the AAT Raid and updated it with the launch of the Sith Triumvirate Raid. The cap recently broke as an indirect consequence of the auto-join functionality we added to TU12. This update will fix the broken cap and should only impact a very small number of players.

The cap, which resets on Sundays, essentially limits players to rewards from 2 Heroic Tier Sith Raids per week. (There is technically a cap on the Rancor & AAT raids as well, but those caps are set high enough that virtually no players are legitimately hitting it.) Getting rewards from more than 2 Heroic Tier Sith Raids per week is only possible if players move from guild to guild (aka “guild-hopping”). Excessive guild-hopping is considered an exploit that is unhealthy for the balance and social dynamics of the game. We do not normally monitor this behavior with the cap in place, but we investigated and developed this fix after several reports indicating that the amount and severity of guild-hopping was increasing.

After today’s fix, the 2-per-week cap will be reinstated this coming Sunday, and guild-hoppers will no longer be able to claim additional rewards after their second Heroic Sith Raid in a week.

  • My guild has never hit a raid cap before, will I be limited now?
    No, you will never experience a cap on raids unless you are transferring between Guilds frequently. Even if you switch high level guilds on a one-time basis, and manage to be a part of three Heroic Sith Raids in that week, you will still not encounter the weekly raid cap. If you switch guilds more frequently than that, you may need to wait a few days to become eligible for the rewards.

  • Can't I launch 3 separate Heroic Raids a week if my Guild has enough tickets going in to Sunday's reset?
    Yes, you will still be able to launch the third raid. This is specifically due to your Guild not launching one of the raids they theoretically could in the week prior (IE when you had at least 110k tickets at the end of last week and didn't launch a raid). The "raid cap" essentially accounts for the raid you could have launched the previous week.

  • Is this restriction tied to my guild or an individual player?
    This restriction is tied to the individual player and NOT the guild itself.

  • What happens if I miss a week of Raids? Is there any ways I can catch up?
    The system is flexible enough to give you an extra chance to earn one of the raid rewards you missed.

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