Best use of a Mk 12 ArmaTek Multi-tool?

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I have one of these g12 multi-tool pieces ready to go, but I'm not sure where I should put it. What character do you feel gets the greatest benefit out of the multi-tool? My main objective is to do more damage in the STR, but it'd be nice to get a boost in other parts of the game as well. I'm considering Wampa because of the stacking offense and since he's such a fun toon, or maybe BB-8 or even Res Trooper since he gets so many attacks. Btw, I already have one on R2 from awhile ago.


  • Loy
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    Bb8, it will give him health steal he desperatly needs
  • I'd go with Res Trooper. Yes, BB8 does need one, but if you're already planning on running the traditional P1 setup then his second zeta is more impactful that the multi-tool. (recovers 8% of total health when evades versus 5% of dmg dealt). Plus he's notoriously difficult to hit so you have less chance of losing him compared to RT who doesn't have the benefit of foresight. Plus, R2 will get the benefit of that zeta as well.
  • Yeah BB8, still won't be enough but it should help
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