Any good guilds available

Hi I I’m looking for a new guild I have a discord server that the guild can use. I am leaving the guild I am in now because they don’t really know how to run it
That my roster


  • The Destroy All Who Oppose guild family is recruiting!
  • Pm'd u details. If interested let me know, happy to have you
  • n0zroem3cfej.png

    We have room for 6 more. We raid often and value teamwork, and players above all else. Our motto "No kid left on the bench, everybody plays!"

    PM me if interested.
    Leader: Grey Area 51 - My Squads:
  • Would you use my discord server
  • Hi there, I'm from HAAT guild, called vaders apprentices, we currently run a HAAT at least twice a week, although we are showing we are full we are planning to remove some dead weight, I've checked your roster and I'm very impressed, would you be interested in joining our fine guild?, we do ask if you can at least get in 500 tickets a day min, discord is required, just for declaring raid times and opening them, also general chatting, but most of all for TW/TB we use it for directions, placing certain characters, we currently run a t4 Sith and once a month run a t5 this will be subject to change due to JTR event, we are part of a 3 guild family, there is us, S.E, Secluded Empire, (our top pro guild) currently doing Hsith, and below VA, is FNC, our training guild, lower level players, below 1 mil gp, we understand work and family life come first and we can discuss any problems at the time if you cannot get online for whatever reason, the way we see it, real life comes first our raid times are GMT 7pm HAAT and 8pm GMT HPit , if your interested in joining let me know
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  • lovemat
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    Emerald Society is looking for more player's. We do HPit three times s week and HAAT two times a week . STR RAID 4. Strong territory wars team . Check us out . My Ally code 333-281-986
  • Would you use my discord server

    Might consider posting a link to your discord server so people can decide for themselves whether or not to use it.
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