Known Issues for Content Update 6/20

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UPDATE: The second hotfix was released today and fixes both the Deathmark beheavior and the Recipe bug.

  • There is an issue with characters that can interact with Deathmark
    This may force players to attack a specific enemy when they should be able to attack other targets
  • Recipe for the MK12 AramTek Holo lens is incorrect
    1 of the 6 Gear 12+ pieces has a bugged recipe. Instead of referencing 2 purple G12 ingredients as part of the Component, the Mk 12 Holo Lens references 2 complete G12 pieces (specifically, 2 of the Armor Plating pieces). This recipe will be changed to require 2x Mk 7 Hypo Syringe, as intended. The roughly two dozen people who have crafted this component so far will have all ingredients of the Component refunded. The bug does not impact the new unique G12+ ingredients.
  • Territory War Phase 6 Special Missions requirements are incorrect and requires you have additional characters
    We will be providing a the larger makegood for the repeated issues next week. Thank you for your patience.

Find more information about the recent update here.

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