Hotfix 6/22 for Content Update 6/20

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Today’s hotfix includes a bug fix for the “Need Before Greed” Protocol Quest and the missing Phase 1 Territory Battle rewards. This is only to address the missing inbox message that caused players to not be able to redeem their Phase 1 Rewards at all.

This does not cover the issue with Special Missions that required additional characters or the continued issues with Territory Battles. We will be providing a the larger makegood for the repeated issues next week. Thank you for your patience.

Hotfix Notes:
  • Need Before Greed Protocol Quest - Fixed issue where the Need Before Greed Protocol Quest was not counting when you spent Guild Tokens
  • Missing Phase 1 Territory Battles Rewards are being sent to players who did not receive a inbox message with their rewards for Phase 1

We are planning to release an additional hotfix today if possible to address current Known Issues with yesterday’s update. Please see the list of Known Issues for additional information.
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