Need a little bit of help...

OK... Palpatine Event will come soon enough and I'm ready! (I think so...)

So, I've six 7* rebels:

Biggs (Gear 10)
Old Ben Kenobi (Gear 9)
Lando (Gear 8)
Zeb Orrelios (Gear 8)
Ackbar (Gear 8)
Ezra (Gear 8)

My only question is... who should lead?

Here are all of my characters... tell me your thoughts!

Thank you!


  • I'd go Ackbar. More speed and and tenacity plus a good few extra attacks should help a fair bit.

    I doubt Old Bens evasion shenanigans will help too much and Lando's depends on your crit chance really. If you really have crit chance a gogo then use him.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • Use:

    Ackbar (L)

    Obi isn't of much help in this event...
  • Vendi1983
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    Make sure you pre-charge Lando's "Double Down" before the final battle (i.e. 2+ critical hits so it's Cooldown is reset and it'll do +100% damage the first time in the final tier).

    When the final battle starts, as soon as possible, Tactical Genius, then Lando Double Down x2 (both will be with +100% damage) and at least three if not four of them should be dead. I ran Lando with two health mods four critical chance mods so he'd pretty much always get 2+ critical hits on DD.

    I would almost consider Old Ben over Ezra so you can taunt and keep everyone else alive. Your Old Ben and Biggs are overpowered gear-wise so they should be in. Great to have a tank in Zeb, but better to direct attention elsewhere. Plus he can mass ability block with jacked up potency.

    I cleared it with 57,500 power:

    Ackbar L G8, 78 2 omegas
    Lando G8, 80 all abilities maxed
    Biggs G8, 78, omega'd special
    ST Han, G8, 76 no omegas
    Zeb, G8, 76 no omegas

    According to SWGOH Help site I was "not ready" but hey...
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