GMY teir 3.... So this is ridiculous



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    My Team was General Kenobi Lead (G12), GMY (G12), Hermit Yoda (G11), Old Ben (G9), Ezra (G11).

    I used arena mods on the team (from my bastila Jedi team). But I gave General Kenobi all protection Primaries so he is at 90k protection. That helps weather the massive onslaught of attacks as soon as one of the Sith crits, they all go after GK and he can take the hit. I have GM Yoda fastest so I can pop Tenacity up and then use GK cleanse ASAP. Old Ben first taunts to get heat off of GK and then use his Ability block. Ezra calls GMY for assist and Hermit Yoda gives his training buff to GMY then Ezra then GK, then Old Ben.

    Target Sidous first due to heal block then Nihlus, the rest fall apart quickly but hit Maul then Sith Assassin, then Dooku then Trooper.

    I got through this with 3 stars.

    Wait till people start getting Bastila at 7*. This event can be put on full auto then.
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