Not sure what server I'm on redin has been in first for a long time he must be taking a break because today first place changed a few times but looking at my bank account I've spent around 600 US dollars cause I can do that I've got my bills paid and this is a decent game


  • Camalus
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    what is the point of paying to have your name number one on a leaderboard? You win the game "Lets see who can make EA the richest" so they will let you pretend you are better than others congrats. You got duped the hardest is all.
  • I guess each of us have our priorities. In my case, Squad Arena is all about crystal and credits for shipments, nothing more. As long as I place high enough to get a decent reward, I'm fine. I've been ending my day in the 50-100 region, decent rewards per day and no stress...
  • Yea same, I have 2 accounts and only bought dooku pack on each but I got lucky ima gundi and Barris pull from bronzium cards on 1 account, that account sits 3-10 on his server and my other account 50-100.

    The really annoying thing is my better account has 2 big spenders at the top both with 7 star characters and I only started it 11 days ago the other account I started 14 days ago and the top players are only 5 and 6 star.
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