Empire team ready for 7* R2?

Palp (gear level 10) everything maxed other than zetas.
Vader (gear level 10) maxed, no zetas.
TFP (gear 9) maxed out.
Tarkin (gear 9) not maxed out yet.
Royal guard (gear 8) not maxed.

The palp event took me well over 50 attempts to complete, and i assume this event will be the same. My r2 is already 6 stars from last event, but all i need is a 7 star r2 and i can also probably get commander luke as well. Please let me know if my team will be able to get r2 and id be happy to see any suggestions :)


  • Vendi1983
    4637 posts Member
    That should be plenty and a bit less RNG-dependent than all G8. I'm assuming level 85? Total squad power over 60k is easy, over 65k is overkill. Zetas will almost guarantee a win.
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