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I recently unlocked ships and I have no idea which ships I should focus on farming. I know this question must have been asked before but I read that there was a massive nerf to the meta ships. So what are the best f2p ships after the nerf? I'm farming Biggs x wing and resistance x wing for now because of target lock and taunt synergy. Are these ships good? What else should I be farming?



  • Hey there, first of all you should farm ships where you already got high geared pilots. Like if your playing with a phoenix squad it definetly makes sense to go for the ghost and phantom 2 ship. So basicly at the start, you want to focus on some ships that got high early value for ya. But to answer ur question more percisely

    Geonosian Trio are quite Awesome:
    Geonosian Soldier
    Geonosian Spy

    Biggs Ship - must have in these meta in my eyes.
    Tie Advanced (vader ship)
    Tie Silencer (super easy to farm pretty good) -kylo ren unmasked ship
    Slave 1 (boba) - really hard to get.
    Imperial TIE
    FO TIE

    here are some hints: focus on 6!! 4* Dark Side ships - u need them for the Executrix 5* Challenge.

    Then focus on 6 5* Ships (light or Dark doesnt matter)

    You really want to finish these before you hit 78. Because ur able to go for the fleet ability material challenge Tier 3 on level 78 - which has a chance to drop ZETA mats.

    So Your Setup should look like:

    Biggs 5* or up
    TIE Silencer 5* or up
    Imperial TIE 5* or up
    TIE Advanced 5* or up
    Ghost 5* or up
    Phantom 2 5* or up

    This is only an example for those of you who play with phoenix. Just stick to the golden rule - a ship is only as good as it pilot - and you cant go wrong.

    May the force be with ya guys
  • There is a glaring issue with Phantom and that's Sabine. It turns out that Chopper and Ezra can carry the team so to speak but Sabine will be low starred for quite some time which will restrain the ships potential. It'll still be decent with Biggs tanking and Ghost but it's quite frail as it is.

    I'm presently farming Scimitar as well, mainly for DS ship I'm doing Maul anyway.

    Silencer is an easy farm, you may not end up using it later on but it punches hard and will be a solid closer.

    Oh and of course the Phoenix achilles heel, gear will apply to ghost and Phantom. Those pesky Mk V stun guns are a real hold up right now. One or two of the geonosians are pretty tough gear wise too. As you've likely seen by now however through the Monday event, they're worth it.

    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • What is the Monday event that you want / need the geonosians for?
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    I wouldn't worry much about the Geonosians at first. Their ships are good, but they as characters aren't, and since ships need their pilots to be geared up to be any good, the first ships you should focus on should be ones whose pilots are also good.

    That's why you start with Biggs, Vader, the Imperial Tie Fighter, and Boba Fett's Slave-I as your top priorities. Biggs is the best tank ship in the game bar none, and the other three are all strong attackers who provide plenty of target locks for Biggs, and all four pilots have their uses - Biggs alongside Wedge and other rebels, Vader in Empire and Sith teams, the Tie Pilot in Empire teams and certain raid teams, and Fett with Bounty Hunters or just as a decent stand-alone addition to teams until your roster is more diverse.

    Other good ships to grab earlier include Maul's Scimitar, Unmasked Kylo's Tie Silencer, and the two Phoenix ships (though be warned that the Phoenix squad is very hard to gear past G8, and since each ship has 3 pilots it's a lot of work to strengthen those two).

    You might use some lesser ships early on that you'll not want to stick with later just because you have the pilot, too. Wedge is a good example of this - you'll want him to go with Biggs on normal teams, but his ship is just kind of okay. It hits hard, but has nothing else to recommend it. But that's still better than gearing up a pilot who's weak just for his ship while your roster is small. Other examples of this might be the Jedi Consular's Fighter (you'll have him anyway since you started with him, good-ish ship), Rex's ARC (great character, easy to gear, decent ship), and Ahsoka's Jedi Fighter (very easily accessible character you might have, not hard to gear, relatively good ship).

    I wouldn't recommend the Resistance X-Wing. It's not bad per se, but Resistance Pilot is difficult to gear and not that good even once she's geared, and the X-Wing itself isn't great either.

    Longer-term, the First Order Tie Fighter is great, but it's hard to get the pilot farmed quickly, so I wouldn't jump on him too early.

    As far as your capital ship goes, Tarkin is probably the best one to use first. It's debatable whether his ship or Ackbar's Home One is the best of the starting three, but Tarkin is undoubtedly the best pilot of the three. Ackbar has his uses, but not as many as Tarkin.
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