I'm just curious if Ferr from team instinct ever played a game called Modern War few years back?? Does anyone know Ferr from team instinct?


  • He lead a faction aka guild in that game called FERRS EMPEROR'S and it was always in competition with pirates United for top2 in whole App. Game was modern war and I played with FERRS EMPEROR'S about 2012-2014 ish
  • 123456ggg
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    Hey man i played with ferr. He was a legend.

    The pirates were actually employees from funzio/gree that kept ferr at #2 so he could keep trying and spending money. This is not proven but speculation.

    Dude mustve spent thousands of $ a month on that game.

  • Nebulous
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    Sadly, this beast has retired from the game. So we’d be unable to ask him.
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