Update on the Continued Territory Battle Issues [MEGA]

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CG_SBCrumb wrote:
Hi Holotable Heroes,
We have had a variety of issues plaguing Territory Battles recently, and last week CG_Carrie discussed a larger make good intended to compensate players for all of these problems.
Once again I want to apologize for the recurring problems with Territory Battles. To have these issues - in addition to the issues in the past three TBs - is really unacceptable and we are taking a serious look at how we can avoid this in the future.
Tomorrow’s hotfix will be providing ALL players 65+ with the following:
20 Imperial Probe Droid shards
1,000 Guild Event Tokens
250 Crystals
Please note that the reward message will only be available for 5 days and will disappear from your inbox if not redeemed by 7/3

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  • Rimzo
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    “Significant makegood”
    125 posts Member
    There goes my post. Along with my faith...
  • Obi1_son
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    edited June 2018
    The shards dont come close to covering the loss for some guilds due to the glitch.
    The get seems fair.
    Crystal amount is a bit of a joke for an apology
  • Oh hush. The compensation is fine.
  • QJinX
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  • Iy4oy4s
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    Byakuya wrote: »
    significantly bad

    Yes, was expecting more. It’s more like a “make ok” rather than good. Well, only one thing to do...chalk it up as a loss, like the other rewards that I’ve lost due to bugs and move on.....why? Because I’m a sucker for this blasted game.
  • Aluxtu
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    I think the use of the word significant is what threw people off. Had they said something like we will compensate people based on the average amounts lost plus a small crystal boost people would not be as surprised. The get is about what we lost, unless the ship battles in p6 were suppose to be that ramped up, then it might be slightly more. The ipd shards seem slightly less but it is what it is. The crystals are a nice little boost. I will buy 3 chewie shards with a bit extra to spend!
  • Aluxtu
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    Honestly I would just take a stun gun or 2. That would be amazing.
  • Foxer
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    Mandy Patinkin says.... I’m not impressed!!!
  • Significant was always going to be relative. A lot more players in guilds that earn few IPD shards. This is a huge boost for them. Also, GET are the most impactful for quality gear. Good for everyone. These are fine.
  • KKatarn
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    I would gladly exchange the probe for one or two stung gun gear. :D

    Liked the rest.
  • Ploosh
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    Haha wow. They gave us back what we missed out on this past TB. I’m usually one to defend CG, but this i am at a loss for words lately. Significantly stingy.
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