What are the best cls teams.

What are the best teams to put around cls?


  • JediRobb
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    I’m curious what people do, too. I know my new CLS obliterate Darth Sion in an arena battle, which was fun to see, but I am running him with my Empire squad at the moment (zThrawn (L), Palp, Vader, Tarkin, CLS). Probably not the best configuration, but I wanted to test CLS out in Arena.
  • CLS lead, Raid Han, R2D2 is standard. The other two could be Thrawn/General Kenobi (Titan), Wiggs, Chaze.
  • DuneSeaFarmer
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    My Padawan will be happy. :)

    L - zLeia, zSTH, zzR2, FBL (only needed to finish 7*)

    I don't think the zetas are required, just what she had.
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