Cls event last tier

Has anyone tipps for doing this phase?
Often in wave 1 they all attack my han and so i cant taunt in the whole fight because hes near dead.
R2 and luke ar gear 9 ( only raidgear to 10 is missing) and han and leia are gear 8 ( raidgear is missing). All attacks are at level 7 min and many are at omega level. All have 5star mods.
In wave 1 i use smokescreen on r2 to proteckt han.


  • I used Leia as lead, but in my case she is zeta'd.
  • BrekRegis
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    edited June 2018
    I used Han as lead, g11. All others g9. I had a zeta on R2's combat analysis and managed it losing just Han. He's going to take the hits for all the waves so long as his abilities are leveled so needs to be geared well. I think g11 might be over doing it but you should be looking for g9-10 for everyone really to help give yourself the best chance, Han moreso than the others.

    Your abilities and mods sound ok, it's just the gear holding you back. Need to be able to soak up a lot of damage.
  • TaviRus
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    Taunt with Han. He's there to die. While he's taunting, he can at least remove some of their turn meter.

    I went in with G10 STH, G9 R2 and Leia, and G8 FBL. Leia barely survived and everyone else died on my team. All were level 80 with about 1/2 of omegas filled.

    When in doubt, more speed on mods and CD on triangles for luke/leia
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