Content Update [HF] 6/29/2018

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Hi Holotable Heroes!
Today, 6/29/2018, we’re pushing a small server release to address the previously mentioned DSTB Make Good and the July Event Calendar.

Following the recent issues with DSTB, we will be sending the following items to all players level 65+:
  • 250 Crystals
  • 1000 Guild Event Tokens
  • 20 Imperial Probe Droid shards
Thank you for your continued patience as we strive to correct issues that crop up.

The login character for July is HK-47.
The list of events for next month has now been posted on the July Event Calendar.

  • Territory Battle Requirements Bug:
    Recently it was found that there was a UI bug in Territory Battles on missions that had mandatory units. Players that had less than the required units available for the mission would have their battle button not active, and instead would see a required units button that was not available to be pressed. In our attempt to fix this UI bug for those players, we inadvertently broke the requirements for players who happened to meet the requirements exactly. We have reverted these requirements to the way they were prior to this change to prevent the issue players are currently running into, and to make sure that anyone who meets the actual requirements will be able to participate in the mission. We have also removed Colonel Starck as a requirement from Rebel Base (South Entrance) Special Mission so players will not run into this issue on that special mission.
    Unfortunately the complete fix will require an update to the game client. Until this new game client is ready, there will be two side effects of this change.
    Players who do not meet the requirements of the combat mission will not have their battle button available and there will be a "required units" button that incorrectly shows that they do meet the requirements.
    People will be able to battle in the missions with fewer than the required 5 units.
  • Hermit Yoda: Fixed an issue with “Do or Do Not” that prevented Cooldowns and Turn Meter gain from some units deaths while having Masters Training buff.
  • Hermit Yoda: Fixed an issue with “Do or Do Not” that prevented Cooldowns from resetting while he had the Dazed debuff.
  • [Audio] Range Trooper will now have an audio cue when defeated.
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