L3-37 have a spot in a JTR team?

Hello all,

I’m trying to think outside the box for my future JTR team (which I won’t be running in arena, mainly trying to maximize resources in TW). I know BB8 and R2 are automatics for JTR, and chopper is a semi-common third, and I was looking at L3-37’s kit and thought she could find a good home as a fifth on this squad. Has anybody leveled this toon and found her useful? How about under JTR?

My other option is to farm Holdo, which I haven’t played against too much so I’m not super familiar with her utility, but I’ve read that she’s a plenty solid choice. I’d probably run Scavenger Rey or Rez Trooper as the fourth instead of chopper in this scenario.

What’s everybody think?

JTR, bb8, R2, Chopper, L3-37


JTR, bb8, R2, Holdo, Rey/Rtroopper?


  • VonZant
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    L3 is awesome with scoundrels and I just upgraded my 3* to g10. But Im pfrtty sure her heal only works on droids or scoundrels. You might as well include chopper instead since you probably already have him.

    I have a g11 Holdo and she seems to work great with my new Rey team but I dont have her zeta yet.
  • JTR bb8 holdo Rey and res trooper are one of the teams for phase one of heroic Sith raid. It lets you save R2 for phase two.
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