Price Disparity

Still waiting for an explanation of why all toon shards are not worth equal credits. The math does not add up.

And in other news a fully crafted GS 12 eyeball costs less than a GS 8 item. Again no reason other than reasons...


  • Vertigo
    4489 posts Member
    Dengar is not a "Premium priced" toon. His shards would normally show up in the slots that rotate 2 shards for 100, 3 for 150 slots, but as of the (somewhat) recent BH reworks they added a slot their for BHs in shipments.

    As for the gear pricing.... it's dumb. But Idk how to fix that. Stun guns and golden eyeballs both need challenge gear (carbantis and the challenge eyeballs) as well as 50 pieces of something else that can be farmed, but for some reason the golden eyeball challenge gear and salvage pieces are both cheaper. Doesn't really make sense.
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