275M 30*/16* 30+ Wat / 3-5 KAM guild looking for 1-2 new members!

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Hello, everyone

KoR Resilience is looking for a new member!

We are a 275 million GP guild at the moment, we do Heroic Rancor, Heroic Tank and Heroic Sith. Sith raids launch at 8pm Eastern and usually are done within an hour. Pit and Tank raids are on Sim with a 24-hour join period.

We are looking for ACTIVE players who enjoy the game. That means doing combat and special missions in Territory Battles, and setting defense and using attacks in Territory Wars.

We use the Discord app so you can either PM me on the forums, or hit me up on Discord (contact info here: https://swgoh.gg/p/124293882/ )

Come join a great guild and get some Wat Tambor, and KAM shards!
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  • Crowny
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    Room for a couple folks after tomorrow's TB payouts, let me know if you're interested or have any questions.

  • Hello, my GP is above 2,6 M and I’m looking for a nice guild... have a great day
  • Blizzisme
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    Hi crowny, my wife and I are interested. Pming you.
  • Crowny
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    Looking for one to join before tomorrow's TB
  • How much GP are you looking for? I´m 1.6 M, with JTR and Chew Mix
  • Crowny
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    looking for 1 or 2 new members, HSTR on farm, must be ACTIVE
  • Updated message title and original post to reflect updated GP, HSTR improvement, etc.

    Looking to get 3-5 new players in the next week or so, whether before tomorrow's TB or after TB payouts next weekend. Feel free to PM me on here, or message me on Line or Discord.

  • Looking for a 50th member for tomorrow's Territory Battle. Let me know if you're interested!
  • Great guild!! Lots of really helpful people
  • We have an opening at the end of the Territory Battle tomorrow for anyone looking for a strong, friendly, fun, and helpful guild!

    Once again, we got every single star in the first 5 phases of the TB, we've already 3-starred Ships in phase 6, and are steadily growing towards an eventual (soon) 45 stars.

    We're also starting to get more and more 7-star Trayas as we knocked out last night's Sith Raid in about 4 hours which is becoming a fairly quick raid.

    Hit me up on here, Line, or Discord if you're interested in joining! I am a little more active on Line than Discord, fyi.
  • Just finished the most recent DS TB with a new record 46 stars, after hitting 44 stars in the last LS TB! Speaking of LS TB, we're looking for up to 3 new members before the upcoming Light Side Territory Battle. Come join a great, helpful group and enjoy some Traya shards, good advice, and enjoyable holotable fun!
  • Crowny
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    Hey everyone, we are looking to fill 1 or 2 spots, so let me know if you are interested. Great guild with a lot of good and helpful people!
  • Crowny
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    Currently at 17 stars in first Geonosis TB, but with 10 hours remaining looking like 18 or 19 stars. Looking to replace a couple inactives, so if you are gearing up your Separatists and are an active player looking for a fun and active guild, let us know!
  • Crowny
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    We have a couple spots open before tomorrow's Geonosis TB. Hit me up if you're interested!
  • Crowny
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    Looking to go ahead and line up 3-5 ACTIVE people to join immediately after the current territory battle ends. PM me if interested!
  • Crowny
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    Hey everyone! We are looking for up to 3 new members for our guild, to join right after the end of the current Territory Battle if not sooner. Hit me up in a message here or on Discord at Crowny#6960
  • We have one or more openings at the end of this Territory Battle, come join a great guild!
  • Im interested in joining after tb
  • Still 1-2 openings!
  • gHE7gcD.gif
  • How many stars on recent Geo?
  • I think 24? Not positive but had a couple inactives, hence the bump of this thread!
  • Looking to add a couple after TB ends tomorrow. Please contact me on the forums or on discord if you're interested!
  • Hey there, we have at least one opening and possibly a couple more! Fun guild, lots of helpful members, and steadily improving our territory battles. Let me know if you're interested!
  • Crowny
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    2 openings available before tomorrow's territory battle, let me know if you are interested!
  • Looking to add 1 new member before Friday's territory battle!
  • Crowny
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    1 or 2 spots open, hit me up on here, in-game, or on Discord if you are interested in joining. Great group of helpful and friendly players who enjoy being competitive as well!

  • Crowny
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    Looking to add 1-3 members after the current territory battle!
  • There is at least one opening available, let me know if you are an active player looking to step up to a higher level guild for some great camaraderie and rewards!
  • Looking to add 1 before tomorrow's Territory Battle!
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