Trayas isolate.

So I faced a traya lead team (5 times in a row to be exact) because I noticed something and wasn't sure if my mind was playing tricks on me..
Isolate says, increase cooldowns by 1, can't gain buffs etc (we can all read). But here's what got me, Traya isolated my talzin, putting both her specials on a 1 turn cooldown. Which is right, however, the next turn both her specials still had a one turn cooldown, I then TM swapped using thrawn and her specials STILL had 1 turn cooldown.. did I miss something blatantly obvious in her kit?
Like I said it was 5 matches same results.


  • sunsplitter
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    heya that's interesting. Could it be nihilus force drain right after traya's isolate? although I can't really explain the third turn cooldown by thrawn's swap. Looking for an explanation... so bump...
  • Yeah, that's what I had thought as well, but like you just said, even after a TM swap it was still on cooldowns(even though prior turn had 1 turn).
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