First Order TIE Pilot

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Has anyone run zFOTP under zKRU with a full CD set including +36% triangle?

286% critical damage would be interesting to see in action.

Then you could grab Boba for a Dark Side or Cantina Battle and boost it up to 336%...

That's gotta be pretty close to the highest CD you can get on a character.


  • He’s very powerful, but in the team doesn’t compare to FOX in terms of utility, for either raids or arena anymore
  • Vendi1983
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    Im thinking of eventually running:


    Should be like getting hit by a dump truck while on a moped.
  • zzKRU , Thrawn , FOO , FOE , FOST are the lineup you need to be aiming for to take on high end arena teams. FOTP is nowadays a wasted zeta in arena since FOE kit is much more superior in arena and raids. l Roster ~
  • Vendi1983
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    Not aiming for top 50, just enjoy running FO and so far can easily handle almost all the teams around me in the 150-200 range with my under geared FO squad. Don't have FOO maxed out and probably won't bother.
  • Well we all play this game differently. Imo FOO is vital to a FO team. Can’t change your mind. Enjoy your team. Have a good day :smile: l Roster ~
  • Vendi1983
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    Oh you could change my mind, don't get me wrong. I always appreciate advice regarding FO. I'm just so far behind on farming him. SFTP too. Actually unlocked FOO by getting shards from galactic war for 4 months. Never bought a cantina set once.

    Have so many farms on my list that he's a bit further down the list is all. By the time I get around to him there will be some Episode 9 FO toon that'll be even better (Hux???).
  • Imo, FOO is gonna make you have more fun :) he reduces cooldowns, TM gain, offence up, tenacity up AND he’s the fastest fo toon. Gear him
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