Can we get our 8 attempts per Hard Node back?

Nothing beats repeatedly going 1/10 on shards. When we had 8 attempts per node, it felt like the character was actually farmable. 5 attempts just isn't enough to realistically farm a character to 7 stars. Even refreshing once per day, it is still a 3-4 month journey. Can we please get out 8 attempts per node back. 5 is just demoralizing, at this point.


  • Gee that'd be great
  • Kyno
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    Now just imagine doing it when it was 3. We have all been there, they raised it and probably looked at the data, then raised it again to see the data. They liked what they saw when it was 5, so here we are.

    I dont know if we will see it at 8 again, but 5 is still very farmable.
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    We won’t see 8 again because it didn’t gain the revenue they expected from 50 crystal refreshes. They thought people would refresh more. That’s the only* reason they take anything away that is free. There is literally no other conceivable or plausible reason.
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