Help tryin to get Luke (tier 6 problems)

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I dont seem to have a powerful enough team to get past the last tier on commander luke event.
Im not sure if I will be able to gain enough power to be able to do it in the less that 3 days left now but I would apreciate some advice on what to go for to have the best chance (if I have any).

Now Ive just focused on gaining more levels since every day you get a decent amount of credits to raise levels.

Also I just raised Leias basic attack to Omega so she shoots 3 times semi often.

Im trying to gain about 18 more items for leia so I can raise her to gear level 9 (hopefully I can manage to get that atleast).

Perhaps also on wednesday I can get some more ability gear to raise some levels (not sure which abilities I should raise though).

So I would apreciate some advice on what to focus on to have some chance. Im not sure good with mods but I tried to put some good ones on my toons.

here are my characters:



  • Ohris
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    I have to update since swgoh shows old data.

    R2d2 level 80, gear VIII (one item to get IX), Abilities: Max, Max, 6, 6, 6
    Han level 82 gear IX, Abilities: 6, 6, Max, 6
    Leia level 80, gear VIII (one item to get IX), Abilities: Max, 7, 4, 5
    Luke level 83, gear VIII (2 more to get IX), Abilities: 6, 6, 4, 6

    all those gear items need around 15-20 more items (for example luke needs 15 x VI components & 15 x VI components)
    Leia needs 15 x VI components to get to egar level IX (thats what im going for now)
  • Ohris
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    Should I for example try to raise all the characters on equal levels or focus one one of them?
    I will reach level 85 tomorrow so maxed then... but wont be able to raise all chars to 85... maybe around 82-83
  • Vanitas
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    Throw everything on Leia and R2, use smoke screen on Han/R2 and after that use Leia her stealth, that way she will get offense up and will take another turn immediately.
  • Waqui
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    You can gain a lot from distributing your current mods better. Don't underestimate the power of the mods. A few examples:

    Han's cross should go on Leia. And where are the crosses with speed on ST Han and R2?

    Rey's triangle goes on ST Han or R2:

    ... you get the idea, I hope.

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