Road Ahead?

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Are we going to get some information on were we will be going in the coming months with the SWGOH?

We got a post last year around this time about whats ahead, was curious if we were getting one this year.



  • Kyno
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    They have mentioned they are working on one but no mention of when we will see it directly.

    There is a mention of them being on a regular cadence in one of the dev posts, but not set in stone. We are approaching a time when we should get one based off the time of the last one.
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    Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.
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  • Would be nice to get before July 4th
  • BuckeyeATW wrote: »
    Would be nice to get before July 4th

    Well seeing how July 4th is tomorrow, and even the devs are people, they're probably more looking forward to some celebrations rather than making the road ahead post. Which I wouldn't blame them lol
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