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I can't seem to put a recruitment post up for some reason it keeps saying that my post needs to be approved? Been on this site for over a year and never had to have approval to post a recruitment ad before....has something changed? Didn't see any updates on requirements or changes on posting policies so thought I'd post here to ask.


  • Rhispaq
    23 posts Member
    I seem to remember someone having that problem when they edited their post a certain number of times. Did you do edits?
  • No it was a post I made this afternoon. No edits, just tried to post and got the "approval" message
  • Kyno
    24398 posts Moderator
    Sometimes it's a quick edit and other times it's a duplicate post.

    If you have ever seen the system make duplicate posts, you know what I mean. This will get you caught up in the spam filter.

    If you get the approval message please feel free to message a mod and we can get to it a little quicker. We check them but not all the time.
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