Tactics to beat tier 5??

At the moment, i was thinking of using my pheonix team, which are all 5* except for 6* zeb. My tactic is to get palp to yellow, and the use chopper and Ezra buff dispel and the taunts and then finish palp off, then deal with the guards. Has anyone got other tactics that worked for them?? If so, please share


  • Rahul
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    Id finish taunters first cause they will keep tauntig till you kill them i got palp last time but it took a few rounds to figure out a solid stratagy
  • YaeVizsla
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    That plan is reasonable, as long as you can then use Zeb to control Palpatine and keep him from using his health steal ability to heal back up. Might take a few tries before the turns line up right.

    That said, most folks just brute force the event, especially at lower tiers.
    Still not a he.
  • Youll have no issue. I know people say this all the time with events like this and the person asking ends up failing epically (me in 7* R2 last week,) but the tier 5 Palp is a cakewalk. Dont worry. Just get a 5 star crew and gear them to 7-9 and you'll be fine.

    Im going for 6 and 7 stars.....so wish me luck!
  • I got 3-7* and the rest 6-5* I'm stuck any help
  • I did it with a fresh faced 5* Phoenix crew back when last he was here. Gear V too.

    Took about 4 attempts to get the RG crew gone so I could whack Palp himself.

    If you keep going with Phoenix (you must be to get Thrawn) next time he comes around 6-7* will be an absolute joke. Took me literally 3 minutes to get both 6 and 7 stars for my Palpirino.

    If only thrawn would be that easy.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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