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I recently started using head phones while playing this game because the audio is 10x better.

My question is, at the start of haat is general previous suppose to be silent? I'm getting all other audio affects but he makes absolutely no noise.

I am using older cheap head phones so I might need to replace them but if others are getting the same thing I won't bother. If he is making a noise I am most likely missing out on other audio.


  • Kyno
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    Yes, I believe he is silent.
  • Sometimes there's sound, sometimes there isn't. Sometimes the music plays, sometimes it doesn't. I even get completely silent Rancors every once in a while, it's pretty funny. And I just use my phone speakers, so it's something with the game.
  • Currently I'm experiencing music and no music everywhere.

    Sometimes I log in and I get music and sometimes not. I turn it back on and it turns itself off again. I'm a man who enjoys his fanfare when I complete node 12 on GW, it's not a completion without it.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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