Will this clear the cls event?

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I missed the last by literaly 1 week.
I have the shards to 7* old Ben. From those that did the event before, is the above squad good enough to get me cls the next time around?


  • Definitely will work, if you give them some half-decent mods. And even then you might not even need them.

    I did it with this squad and my Arena mods: https://swgoh.gg/u/yerffcaasi/squads/66871/
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  • Waxx25
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    Lol wow, yea if you were able to do it with that squad then I am golden. Thx.
  • XKurareX
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    Looks like you can simply auto it... ;)
  • I agree with the above post ^^^ you can probably auto it :D

    luke might die easily, but his companion will take you through the phases
  • You should consider more speed/tenacity mods on Old Ben when you get around to the event. His tier can be... tedious. More speed on everyone is always a good idea. Other than that, you should be just fine. Also: HOLY COW! You have 2 zetas ON R2-D2 BEFORE you have CLS!
  • Vendi1983
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    Yeah that's insane. My brother unlocked CLS with level 80/82 and G8 across the board. 4/5 dot mods depending on who was needed more. It's not as hard an event as Thrawn, that's for sure. Not Yoda or Palp easy but it's not max-dependant.
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