Why discussions get moved ?

Why when we are reporting bugs and issues that need to be reported to the devs at CG and not EA do the discussions get closed and moved to EA answers by kyno?

Have had fulcrum quest rogue 1 issue that several people have had, I filed a bug report and created a ticket as instructed.. then they respond and say only the devs can fix this... then the discussion asking the devs for help or to report it, never gets responded to and just shut down by kyno and sent to ea answers... it’s a vicious frustrating loop


  • NoomiZ
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    Because well CGEA doesn't like negativity. Simple truth. EA_Cyan will probably close this thread in a minute. Because it adds nothing. CG we had faith in you, you lost all our faith with your unresponsiveness and not willing to actually communicate and listen to what your community is asking you.
  • Kyno
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    They are not moved to Answers HQ. They are moved to the bug Archive of the Forum.

    There was a move a while back to have all bugs and issues reported to Answers HQ, because that is a site built for tracking and helping them prioritize bugs and issues.

    After that we were directed to close posts move them to archive and ask that the bug gets reported to the correct location <<Answers HQ>>. To further help prioritizing bugs and issues, discussion and additional information about bugs also needs to be reported there, which is why posts here are closed.

    If you have any questions or comments about this practice please feel free to send a direct message to CG_SBCrumb or CG_Carrie.
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