Need advice and pointers on where to go next

Any advice on which characters to work on next based on my roster below would be greatly appreciated. I'm f2p. Initially saved up crystals to purchase the 8 pack but now realise efficiency from doing 1 cantina energy and 1 energy refresh a day. Still working on some of the Level 8 gear but thinking am I better investing time in alternative characters. Galactic War I never completed since update ... always 3/4 fights left but enough to collect 5 lumi shards daily. At a standstill in dark and light side battles also. But only move on when required for gear.

Am farming from:
Galactic War Lunimara 104 shards but not activated (hoping for drop from bronzium)
Arena Ackbar.
Cantina store Fives.
Cantina battles Talia.
Hard battles Fives/Daka/Talia.

Sat around around rank 200to250 in Arena with:
All Level 66 / Level 8 gear
Phasma 7* (Lead)
Sideous 7*
Fives 4*
Talia 6*
Daka 5*

Light Side Battles:
4* Chewie L58 L6 gear
4* Jawa L57 L6 gear
4* Ackbar L50 L6 gear
4* Consular L58 L7 gear

Dark Side Battles
Phasma, Sideous, Talia, Daka
4* Tarkin L59 L6 gear

In the sidelines I have
4* Poggle, Cad Bane
3* Snowtrooper, Aayla Secura, ig86, ig100, Lobot, Leia, Goth Rebel Scout
2* Ewok Elder, royal guard, Clone sergeant, mob enforcer, resistance trooper, Ewok scout, ugnaught, Jedi knight guardian
1* coruscant underworld, nighsister acolyte, nighsister initiate.


  • DrewN76
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    I am not a arena speed freak like others so will give my advice.

    Sid ( replace with Kylo)

    Quit farming talia and work on Kylo. Throw him in the mix. And hard nodes farm Dooku to replace Daka. Just my take. Keep working on fives and consider opening up Lumi and star her up she will make GW a lot easier.
  • Triqui
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    On hard nodes farm Rey. She is great and will be awesome.
    I suggest QGJ in Cantina as well.
  • Thanks for your feedback :)
    Lumi is essential for my progression in GW. I'm just reluctant to activate her yet but at least I could start gearing her. My Light Side team is struggling so Rey is a good proposition. Kylo and Dooku both have potential based on teams I've met in Arena. Poggle should be easier as I already have him unlocked!
  • Be patient with Rey. It will take time, but it is worth it.

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  • DrewN76
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    Yes, I will concede the hard mode hunt Rey and cantina shop get QGJ. You have Daka already. And farm your real guard as well in hard nodes


    You have a good setup with that
  • Mazurka
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    You gotta switch out talia for poggle ASAP. That squad would be tanky, and would wreck teams that didn't have a total speed setup. You still need more damage. Get GS, you will **** off everyone who faces you. Dooku is a great choice as well once his node is unlocked
  • First full clear of Galactic War today since the updates made it more difficult. Activated Lumi earlier and she's now 4*, L50, L6 Gear, skills 4,3,4,1. That was enough for her to heal through the first few fights and give me the extra breathing space. Tokens from GW used to begin starring up Poggle.

    Tried hitting the nodes for Dooku and Kylo today. That's going to be painfully slow.

    Still not sure if I should continue redeeming Arena tokens for Ackbar. Only went with him because I'm short on Light Side characters. Possibly stockpile them for future additions.
  • Anakhahawk
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    So GW was a fluke. Not managed to clear it again :(
    On a positive note I finished rank 118 in Arena today.
    68 Phasma 7* max gear
    68 Poggle 5* max gear
    68 Fives 5* 1 piece off max gear
    66 Daka 5* 1 piece off max gear
    66 Sid 7* 3 pieces off max gear

    Farming Kylo 67/80
    Farming Dooku 21/50

    Recently from bronzium have got Teebo and Biggs.

    5100 arena tokens I'm not sure who to spend on.

    Putting arena squad on hold while I level, train and equip more characters to complete GW.
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  • Daka, QGJ and Poe are much better options than Fives from the Cantina shipments. 6 star, lvl 69 max gear 5s here. Even if you don't care about the meta/ Arena, those 3 toons are better than 5s. Poe comes in handy when you face that particularly difficult node in GW. He sacrifices himself to give your other toons a fighting chance at getting their hits in. Daka is Daka, heals, revives, stuns, she's handy everywhere. Only thing, she's a little squishy. You want all the stars, gear and levels possible for that extra little bit of health.
    QGJ... fast, heavy damage and great leadership skills. Especially if you are going to run the typical GW team of Lumi, JC etc. Come's in handy in Arena and missions too!

    5s is just a slow, lumbering tank with no taunt. Unless clones become the meta, I don't see any other use than the tanks challenge. There's a reason you don't see him in the top ranking teams, it's not just me.
  • DrewN76
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    Fives is actually quite handy in arena and in GW for me. However, I have gone for synergy focus and my fives will for now till I can farm Rex and get my clone sgt 6* will remain in the GW team. I run Lumi lead JC gives GS and either Dooku or Sid depending on the number of healers. For GW that is. In arena I have begun the March or either being able to run Sid 7* Poggle 6* GS and 86 at 5* ea. With Poe 4* will 5* him then work on Daka. Or I have phasma Kylo at 6* with Dooku GS and either Poe or Lumi 7*or Poggle depending on what I face off on. Debating running something like Barris st Han fives clone sgt GS or tusken raider... Or Poe till my RG can come in to play. Going for turn meter control till I can get enough together to make more changes later. I prefer meat shield teams. Like a Barris tusken raider fives GS Poe or savage Poe or savage GS.
  • My Fives is 5 shards off 6* so will finish that off. Daka is sat at 40/85 so will be on hold while i decide who to work on out of QGJ or Poe.
  • DrewN76
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    Nice my five is 6* also. I stopped him to get Poe 5* ran into a Dilema. I got a FOO on a free bronzium pull and am torn to go work on Daka or work on FOO or QGJ. Only nice part is in a day I will devote my arena and GW tokens into shards for the shard shop maybe I can get lucky I don't know. By then will have 6 7* just need Dooku and Kylo there now.
  • I stopped saving for chromium cards and use all my crystals for one cantina and one or two energy refreshes. The chance of a character dropping I actually wanted didn't feel like efficient use. Using refreshes feels more productive.
    I'd really like to put together a team away from the norm. Its a shame there isn't a sandbox mode of sorts where you can try out various team compositions before committing in-game!
  • Robdd
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    You have a lot to work with I'm at level 61 I Have Daka at 35-85 to 6 star. I'm not even thinking about QQJ or Poe till she is 7 stars. She's a beast from what I have seen at 7 stars, plus very few have her on my server. Most everybody went the QQJ route. The temptation is always to keep opening up characters and never finishing what u have.
    I have the fives unlocked so I do his 6 hard nodes a day, instead. I do agree he doesn't seem great for arena, no taunt. A decent character tons of health maybe more clones become available.
    Lumi is invaluable put everything in GW tokins to finishing her off.
  • Anakhahawk
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    Fives now on 6* and after Daka hits 6* (15 shards to go) will finish fives off (20/100) then Daka again.
    Am working on Poggle 60/85.
    Have Lumi unlocked 5* Level 68 Level 7 gear.
    Have Kylo unlocked 4* 50/65 Level 68 Level 7 gear.
    Decided to unlock Asajj in Arena. Hitting the nodes for Dooku daily (29/50) not sure I have the patience to continue the drop rate is so horrendous.
  • Galactic war proving tough to complete but mainly due to my lack of a decent roster to swap around.
    Finished Rank 49 in Arena today, was 33 but only used my 5 daily arena battles.
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