Nightmare team minus GAT... help pick my fifth

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I’d like to maximize my use of Sith and Empire for TW defense, and in order to do so I think removing a g9 Thrawn from a classic Nightmare team for a g11 toon from the poll would be overall best.

Assuming all-else is equal, and you were to see a g11 Nightmare team with a substitution for Thrawn, who would you most fear to see?

Nightmare team minus GAT... help pick my fifth 10 votes

KyJoe_CoolIkky2winSwitcherooVonZantDaPowerfulJedi 5 votes
Death Trooper
KutalionSRBsirjacobofglais 2 votes
Tie Fighter Pilot
yungleballz 1 vote
beasttx1985 1 vote
Roopehun 1 vote


  • Poxx
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    None of the above. Gear your Thrawn. He's a beast.
  • Spartan549
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    I agree with Poxx, if I saw any nightmare team with any of the above members I would definitely attack. Thrawn is a ridiculously important part of the team. If you have him even at 5* gear and level him and he will suffice. If you have not unlocked him I would recommend putting in Sith Trooper, and gearing and starring phoenix on the side to ensure you get Thrawn the next go around.
  • I agree with the above, the only alternative to Thrawn I find intimidating is Sith Trooper. Far too easy to get bounced around between SiT and Sion until Nihilus annihilates you.
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  • VonZant
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    1. You stole my avatar!
    2. If you are using Thrawn for another team, Tarkin or Sid work fine. They both need to be fast though.
  • Tarkin
    Poxx wrote: »
    None of the above. Gear your Thrawn. He's a beast.

    Mine is gear 12 and I completely agree. He's quite the monster! :smiley:
  • Tarkin
    I'd say none of the above, but to be fair, if I had to choose from the given choices I'd pick Tarkin.
  • Ikky2win
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    Thrawn is better saved for offense usually. Fracture is incredibly powerful and the ui often doesn’t use it correctly on defense. On offense though it can be used to crack squads you wouldn’t otherwise be able to defeat. It’s just like rhan. Rhan is way better on offense because the ui doesn’t always stun the correct character on defense. Thus, of the choices you mentioned, Tarkin is best.
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