Noob question about replaying event

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edited July 2018
Hey y'all. Relatively new f2p user, just cracked level 70. Able to clear the 4 star version of the palp event right now. Have kind of a noob question.

When the event comes around next, will I be able to replay the tiers I've already completed for more shards? Or should I be devoting some resources into my rebel team for the next few months?

Thanks in advance.


  • scuba
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    You will only get shards for the theirs that haven't been completed. I can't remember if you can replay the other tiers but if you can you get nothing
  • LynnYoda
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    No you wont be able to play the tiers you have beaten already, you wont get extra shards from them you only get shards for the first time completion as Scuba says.
    on the up side once you complete the event you will then in time have access to the mythic version which gives mods + gears as rewards
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