Sith Fighter and Ship Marquee Bundle Changes [MEGA]


  • NewCaprica
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    I will certainly not buy that kind of pack! And by the way, I'm sick of Marquee Events! Period!
  • LynnYoda wrote: »
    looks like they are now aiming packs at new whales and hoping they can bleed them dry rather than looking to give the older players something to buy.
    i would love to meet the person that thinks players are going to spend £30 for shard shop currency and not even a lot of it at that
    no thanks im another who will pass

    Given that you are in a 160M GP guild, I would guess about 3-4 of your highest GP players will :)
  • Ive always been and will be f2p, so I dont care about thr bundle.
    For the ship, however, Im happy for it. Once it becomes farmable, Ill pick it up right away, as I have SA 7 starred already.
  • Umm.... why not have a pack with the ship only for $14.99 and a pack for Sith Assassin at the same price. The cost is still the same. I would have biught the ship only pack because I already have Assassin at 7*. Now I won’t be spending anything because I’m not wasting money on something I already have. Dumb move! Please reconsider before the event starts! Would you rather have $15 of my money or nothing at all?
  • Natos
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    A character that most players at least have unlocked. A ship with no other faction synergy. Roll the dice and pay 3x as much to see if the ship is any good?

    Do you guys even know how to do market research BEFORE you develop things? Hard pass.
  • I’ll be closing my wallet on this one. Smooth move CG!
  • diangelo
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    Its dumb to not offer two seperate lost my money!
  • jkray622
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    I know it's been said over and over, but I'll add my feedback as well.

    I already have a 7* Assassin. I periodically buy the Marquee packs for characters I'm excited about (such as Sion, Bastila, Nest). Asking me to pay $30 for a marquee pack instead of $10 means I won't even entertain the thought, so it's wasted money.

    Perhaps a $10 ship marquee pack, and a corresponding "character unlock" pack (the # of shards dependent upon the age of the character, the # of shards required to unlock, and the cost). That way people who need both can buy both.

    It doesn't matter if this ship breaks the meta open completely - I won't pay $30 for the pack.
  • Jeric
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    Hard pass. Sorry guys but the $10 ship only pack should have been launched along side the bundle.
  • nB_
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    Same goes for me.... But i think they are hoping that they will make more money that way, some will still buy it either way..... they dont care about the ppl that got her 7* allrdy, only $$$
  • Do you know how many SA shards you can farm with the loot you would spend on the 50 for this pack?

    Let's do some math!

    50 shards for $20 = $0.40/shard

    It is 16 energy in Cantina per sim. If you only did your 3 refreshes for 100 crystals each you would have 360 Cantina energy to spend. That is 22.5 sims, and at a 30% drop rate it is 6.75 shards per day.

    So 300 crystals would yield, on average, 6.75 shards making them 44.45 crystals per shard.

    Insert lots of math here based on the cost of crystals if buying vaults

    (99.99/15710=$0.0064/crystal - $0.0064*44.45=$0.29 per shard)

    So you can buy the pack and pay $0.40/shard or buy refreshes and pay $0.29/shard.

  • Marquee events give you the toon at 3 star so rarity should not be the difference. To be fair to the players these should be separate packs at $10 each for 30 shards/blueprints each. Then if you want to make sure newer players get the full benefit have an event for sith assassin that they can battle to get her at 3 stars just like a marquee.
  • Im guessing the sith ship will be pretty OP forcing the hand of many of these unwilling spenders! The math is pretty horrible as one commenter already noted that young lando, l3 and the first falcon cost $30 for 3 separate packs. Trying to bundle an old character that is easily farmable and most people have already invested in since the sith rework just doesnt make any sense and seems to be offending many of your reliable spenders.
    That being said, bring on the new ships! I'd love to see a fleet month/week etc. We need more capital ship options!
  • BrtStlnd
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    Just adding to the chorus of voices here to say that this is a terrible idea. I’ve got Sith Assassin at G12 already, so I’d be a prime candidate to buy shards for her ship... but I’m not wasting an additional $20 to get the $10 worth of items in the pack I actually need.
  • You can complain about the pricing strategy all you want, but simple math says that even if 2/3 of players who normally buy the $10 pack skip it they still break even. Not a gamble for them at all. They will make more money. The test is to see how much more. Hip hip hooray....
  • Being I already have 7* sith assassin the price point is significantly overbearing for a marque bundle. Unless this ship is designed to drastically change the meta it will sit adjacent to the new falcon collecting dust In my inventory.
  • kalidor
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    This seems like a really bizarre decision. Speaking as someone who never buys the packs, I could just ignore this and go on with my day. But there seems like a likely alternate explanation - those with a 7* SA are precisely the ones who would benefit most from the pack, next to those that don't have SA unlocked. It seems like the sale tactic is to push that desire for a better ship so that it overcomes sense, and then they get an extra $20. If that is the case, please cease and desist these "experiments" right now. Just bring back the SA pack from the last marque event SA was in, and make a separate pack for the sith fighter.
    xSWCr - Nov '15 shard - kalidor-m
  • I've had 7* Sith assassin since the Zaul Meta - are you serious? Instead of the likely $10 pack I'd probably buy - I personally find them a decent buy until they go on farm - I guess this'll be a $0.
    I know, no insults... keep it fluffy.... but really who was the kitten who thought of this... and didn't just sell a separate Sith Assassin Pack to go with it?
    Good luck.
  • WookieWookie
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    I think a lot of casual players are overlooking the omega ship materials, which are a (someone who runs spreadsheets can correct my imperfect memory) a 5% drop from ship hard nodes, and other than that only farmable by means of prayer on ship mat daily challenges. A LOT of whales would pay $20 for just the ship omegas. (As evidenced by how quickly the ship ability material package was pulled out of the shop never to return) For casual players trying to build rosters, this seems like the math doesn't work. For whales, most would prefer this $30 pack for the blueprints and materials over a $10 pack for just the blueprints. The shard shop currency from SA is just icing on their money cake.

    I do not appreciate CG stating that this was done 'for the players' - a new ship bundled with their new pilot could be billed as such (I'm looking at you Karath and Leviathan), but 'including' SA is just an excuse to raise the price, and including ship omegas is just a way to sell the whole package to whales.

    Personally, I've bought several of the $10 marquee packs, but will not be buying this. The omegas aren't worth it to me. I hope that they don't end up doing this with the KOTOR pilots, as I even bought Jolee's $10 pack because I like to encourage CG to put more of the great KOTOR cast into the game.
  • Nauros wrote: »
    Nice, more Sith stuff. Now we need the Ravager as a Sith capital ship.
    Concerning the pack, I might consider buying one if it was the same as usual. As it is, I am not spending extra for a character I already have 7*. Hope this experiment shows them that this is not the way to go.

    This. Every part of it. Especially the first part. Also I believe the Sith Fighter is going to be based on the ones created by the Star Forge.
  • Yeah, this is a hard no for me. Good luck with your experiment.
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