Sith Fighter and Ship Marquee Bundle Changes [MEGA]



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    The known issues post still does not address the fact that lower level accounts cannot come close to completing the first tier of the marquee event. @CG_SBCrumb

    It would be nice to know if it is intended that lower level accounts are not going to get the ship through the marquee.

    Now this, this I find funny :D
    Even though its terrible and sucky for new players. but wow xD
    They must have bugged the marque buffs, the ship should be strong enough to solo it.

    The Sith Ship is about as good, if only slightly better than the enemy ships.

    The only hope you have is to have your best HP ships "tank" while the sith fighter does all the dirty work. Tie Silencer, Biggs, Clone SGT Arc, Jedi Consular are the ones I use. My Imp and FO Ties are better than all but the Silencer, but can't take a hit for anything. They can't stick a target lock either. I've gotten almost to Tarkin's Ultimate on this level 63 acct to have a chance but died before he could go. Can't beat the Tarkin challenge because I don't have enough ships of appropriate star level.

    Wow that's... that's terrible :o
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    This tb is going to suck because once again, they will put a brand new ship in platoons that no one wants to buy because of the bundle.
  • My advice to those looking at the Sith Ship, as I thought it looked good but having 7* and raised abilities, it is useless as a starter ship, damage is weak and the useful abilities look good but you don’t last long enough to do anything useful with this ship, so yet another new ship fail....

    Tried as re enforcement and damage is underwhelming and heal block would be good against Wedge but it seems ineffective with prot regen, somit needed a buff immunity block or a fracture like ability to be of any use,

    Let’s hopemShips 3.0 is released soon as Ships 2.0 is much worse so far it’s just iRNG Bingo
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    Oh man, she is way more than an "ok" player. She's so underrated and easily top 5 best sith toons. B)

    Aren't there only like 5 Sith to begin with............. I kid, I kid.
  • I don't buy packs so this isn't for me. I just wanted to know, anyone else notice Nukin has started really promoting ships like the Geo's and this new sith ship as a TW powerhouse? Shilling for CG now Nukin?
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  • I don't have a 7* SA (currently farming her because she's awesome), and I'd really like to incorporate this ship into my main fleet...but I still have no interest in this bundle. And I do buy bundles.
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