Which packs are worth getting early on / best way to spend on the game?

I bought the Dooku pack as it seemed like a no-brainer. There are now three packs being offered to me, droid assassins, Jedi and the Heroine pack. These are all much more than the Dooku, but the last one with Barriss looks strong offering 4 characters plus shards and other goodies.

Am I better off doing this, waiting for better packs offered at higher levels, or buying crystals for chromium cards? In general I prefer a sure thing to random chance.

I'm level 28 now though most of my characters are well behind that and I don't want to train up guys I will shortly replace.

Thanks. :)
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  • Tough call, look at the characters and try to start building a team that includes spending your daily arena points and cantina points….if those purchases line up with one of the $ packages..I say go for it. I couldn't resist the Barriss pack…she is the cornerstone of my team and Ashoka seems strong as well.
  • I don't think there are better packs offered at higher levels. I'm level 60 and have the same offer. Right now those 3 packs are on offer for everyone for a set amount of time.

    Barriss is considered strong by most players, which is probably why EA have her in the most expensive pack available, but it really depends on what you think is worth spending money on.
  • I also bought the Dooku pack which is great.
    I have seen the Jedi Pack after Dooku, followed by the droid assassins pack but I haven't seen the Heroine pack yet.
    When does it come out ?
    Does it come out at a certain level or does it come out after a certain period of time that you started the game ?
  • I think it is triggered based on level but don't remember what level I had it appear at.

    I am probably going to buy the Barriss pack. I'll call it a Christmas present for myself since we don't really do Christmas. :) There are a few good chars in there. Barriss is really nice (though I seem to be piling up with healers...)
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  • I got the Dark Side special pack for 49.99. I got a 3 star Asajj Ventress, 4 star Barriss Offee and 3 start Nightsister. Plus lots of other gear and items. I was able to train and get them all maxed leveled up to my current level.

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    I got the Barriss pack and used many of the training droids I had been saving up.

    She's a beast. So tanky, two ways to heal. She has also revitalized my use of Chewie. Before, his ability to draw fire was of limited value because he'd get down so much and I couldn't heal him. The way her heal works.. it's perfect.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
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